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Unknown P.O.V

I walked into my alpha's office for an important duty. Hehe duty. I knocked on the door and waited,

"Who is it"?

"It's me sir alpha".

"Ah, yes come in".

I opened the door and closed it behind me. He pointed at the chair infront of his desk and he stared hard at some papers. A smile spreaded across his face,

"So your job today is important you can not fail beta", he said sternly

"Of course sir".

He passed me some papers and I took a look to see something that suprised me. I looked up at my alpha,

"It's Shirly she is back and already killed someone. ".

I felt my blood go cold. She is the most dangerous but this is the only time I can show that I'm more then just a peice of junk to my alpha even if it means to hurt a friend. I gripped on the papers and nodded. Quickly the door slammed opened and we both stood up,

"She killed one of are men sir we got to end her or she will kill all of us".

Quickly my alpha ran towards a closet in his office and I noticed guns,

"We must kill her time to put her to sleep for good", he said loading one of them with silver

"Sir alpha she only dies with gold", I said.

He smiled and opened up a drawr and started putting gold bullets in stead I grabbed one of the loaded shot guns and noddee at my alpha.

"Don't fail me now".

"I won't", I said tighting my grip on the shot gun

Shirly P.O.V

I grabbed my hair yanking it on it. This is my fault I did it again it's coming back to me i'm going insane again all over again. James hugged me tight but I pushed him away,

"No. Don't touch me", I yelled with tears comming down my eyes

"Please we will explain just calm down".

I froze at his words and quickly he stiffened.

"Calm down", I said queitly

"You want me to calm down when they will come after me now",I growled

The door slammed open and it was Dio. He looked at me,

"Shirly what happened", he said

"I did it for Victor but I went crazy I didn't care if someon saw I couldn't contral the anger".

"It's alright", he said hugging me

"Wheres Adian", I said

They froze. School. Quickly I pushed Dio out of the way and ran out the door. I grabbed the car keys beforr running out the door and into a car speeding towards his school. As I pulled out the kids were just getting out and I saw Adian comming out alone.

I got out of the car and towards him. James pulled up also watching us.

"Hi sweetie", I smiled kneeling down

"You monster", he mumbled

"What", I said confused

"Don't act dumb you killed him you kill people mommy", he screamed

People stopped and watched. I felt my wolf get hurt,

"You killed him! I hate you".

I yelped. Quickly James ran up to me then looked at Adian,

"Adian", James yelled

"No. He's right", I cried

"No. Your my mate", he growled

I growled pinning his agient the wall. "I know you are but I'm only going to put you and my son indanger if they want a me they'll have to fight for it".

I let go of him and looked at Adian who looked away still angry. I walked away into the car driving towards the woods. 


After hours of walking I made it. I looked up at my old house, it was abounded after my parents died but there is many secrets in there. I walked up to the door and tried opening. Locked. I backed up a little and kicked my way through. the door broke into peices. I looked around and it was dark.

"Home sweet home", I smiled

I looked around rembering the memories then walked through the hall way to a certain room. I gently opened the door to see it hasen't changed. My room was still pink with my bed sheets all pink covered with black pocket dots.

"Mr stuffers", I squealed

I ran up to a pink bunny and squeezed it. I frowned when I noticed it was missing an eye. I got up and moved my enough to see my secret passage. I think lf it as a basment but of well. I grabbed the handle opening it up and down the stairs. I turned on the light to see my own lab.

"Ew spiders", I groaned as I noticed spider webs all over

Its been years sense i've been down here. I opened a small closet and quickly changed and grabbed some red dye. Might as well go in descize untill I find out who's looking for me. I walked up the sta7rs and entered into a bathroom. I was suprised the sink worked.

Quickly I got started and started to put red dye in my hair. I took a shower and got dressed. I walked into my room closing it. I froze when a scent of a wolf came.

"Hello", said a voice

I froze as I heard foot steps comming in the house. I quickly got into my  basment and pulled my bed on top covering the handles. I ran down the stairs and turned off the lights sitting in there quietly

"Dude this place is abounded come on Lucas".

"Look Jake said to look anywhere were she would be".

"She's not here though now lets go this place reeks".

Lucas. That name sounded famillar. Quickly the foot steps dissipeared and I sat there thinking..who is Lucas.

Sorry for the mistakes I didnt edit well yeah

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