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Rhett's POV:

Elle walked out in blue skinny jeans, mythical shoes, a tight fitting black v-neck long sleeve with a purple tank underneath. Her hair was half up half down.

"Does your hair go up? Or does it go down?" I asked Elle.

"Both." she said as she sat down next to Lily. Lily and Elle talked about the cheer video. How she used to cheer and how she got hurt and in the video she made it hurt again. I was standing behind a counter in the middle of the kitchen.

"Link can I talk to you?" I asked Link, he stopped playing with Lando and came over.

"Something wrong?" he asked.

"Elle, something about her. I'm not sure what it is. She is so different on social media."

"Maybe her mom isn't on social media. Maybe it's like cheer where she can be outgoing." Link was definitely right.

"Thank you man. It was really bothering me." I patted Link on the back.

"No problem dude. She opens up to you easily. I think she really trusts you. After Link said that, I couldn't help but smile.

"Elle what would you like to do today?" I asked her.

"Oh, I've got some school work I need to get out of the way." she looked at me right in the eyes.

"Jessie and the kids will be busy all day and won't be home until late tonight. You and I can hang out there today, cause aren't you staying the night?"

"Yeah, totally. I'll go get my things ready." She got up and said "See ya soon." to Link's family and I.

"Good idea." Link said. Christy got all the kids except Lily ready for the day, she's old enough to do that herself. I went and sat on the couch texting Jessie the plan.

Link's POV:

I knocked on Elle's door. She opened it and had her phone up to her ear and went back to pack. She turned to me and mouthed 'mom' then held up 4 fingers. I felt a little saddened. She put her phone in her pocket then asked. "Is it really ok with you if I stay at Rhett's?"

"I'm the one who thought of you spending the night. Rhett thought about you being there all day." I sat down on the bed.

"But you're okay with it?" she asked zipping up her back pack which now had clothes and essentials including her school things.

"Yeah." I nodded my head. She put her bag down and sat down.

"You have an awesome family." she smiled and leaned on my shoulder. I put my arm around her.

"Thank you. Plus if you're at Rhett's and just wanna text me about anything you totally can." I said looking down at Elle. She looked back up and smiled.

"You got school work, so let's go." I put my arm back down. She grabbed her things we both stood up and headed out to go revisit Rhett.

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