What's going on?

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So I decided to keep on writing I've been getting comments a lot. First I don't have enough time to go over but I will start trying.  I won't be updating a lot. Also I made a new book check it out it's in my work on my profile, it would mean a lot thank you!


Weird things have been happening lately and we don't understand actually I don't understand.  Alec hasn't been telling me what's going on and really it's starting to get on my nerves

"Brace!" I yelled coming down the stairs. Brace ONCE AGAIN has been keeping an eye on me everywhere I go. But I have made it fun


"Brace I know your hiding behind that wall" it was all silent I knew he wouldn't come out just so he wouldn't get in trouble.  "Brace as your Luna I demand you to come out!" I yelled in my luna voice

"Sorry luna" brace comes out with a frown looking down at his shoes. Oh shit I forgot my luna voice is strong I felt bad now

"No brace im sorry I shouldn't have done that" I went over to hug him

"That's right you should be sorry" he said with a bright smile that made me laugh.

"But hey since your here can you help me out with my clothes shopping" I said with a bright warm smile that I knew he couldn't say no to.

"With that smile how can I not say no lets go" I clapped my hands and we went off to Forever 21.

As we entered the store i picked out jeans, shirts, tank tops, shorts, dresses, skirts

"Brace this is to much can you help me try them out" I did that smile again brace looked at with a 'are you serious' face I nodded my head.

"Hand it here" and brace went off to try them on. Must have been embarrassing for him but for me it was totally funny. But at the end I got him what he wanted.


"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU MADE ME DO THAT FAITH" brace said this has been going on forever and to be honest im getting sick of it.

"OH BOO HOO SUCK IT UP BRACE" I laughed at him

"What happened" I hear his voice I missed it. I turned around and saw Alec. "What are you guys talking about " he sat next to me on the couch

"Your mate my Luna made me wear a GIRL CLOTHES!" Alec turned aroundand looked at me he had a little bit of guilt and I could kinda tell he wanted to laugh

"Is that true?" He asked me how could I lie to him he's my mate he will know if im not telling the truth. I nodded my head and looked down. "Faith why did you do that?"

"I just wanted to have fun" I didn't look at him. Well good for me huh

"Don't do it again please" I nodded my head and went up stairs

Gosh where are my babies god I need them right now I need a run also

Yes we do

Omg you were listening to me

Yes I was

I jumped oh of my window and transformed and let her do her thing

I knew where I wanted to go

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