I won't even say I'm shit at updating, it is officially true. I'm so so sorry, I really am. I don't want to take a hiatus from the account, I want to keep updating whenever I can, but it's getting hard and I'm getting pressure. I might go on a hiatus, I'll give you guys more info about this later. Hopefully you enjoy this chapter, xo.    -Chantal.


[Day 43]

Everyday I'm craving something from you, and today I'm missing your voice way too much. You use to talk with that soft voice of yours and you were always right, you always knew what to say and in what moment to do so, I admire you.

I've been looking, again for our old interviews to listen to your lovely angelic voice and also your laugh, I felt as if I was laughing with you, emanating a lovely sound that was only for us...

Our little secret.


Hope that was descent. Thank you all for being so goddamn patient x 

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