Chapter: 1

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They said love couldn't be done with someone who couldn't love... But I did it I kissed a girl that couldn't love I was life and she was death...

Andy's POV

The way her hair laid there swayed to the side with her beautiful smile and wonderful laughter as I told her a joke, if only I could tell her the truth

"Haha that was a good one, your really clever" she said

"Ya you too essence" I replied back

She smiled, I wish I could just simply slide my lips on to hers

"You know I've been thinking about watching a movie this weekend but I don't have anyone to go with" she said" can you come?"

"Honestly i have a bunch of homework to do its gonna take me years" I replied

She frowned, she turned around and then turned back with puppy eyes I couldn't resist and I just jumped right in and...

"Okay I'll go" I replied

"No way, Yay!!!!" And then she hugged me, I could feel her heart beating as I said yes

She backed away and looked at me with a grin

"What? You look like you just saw a monkey in shorts, playing with an iPad" I said

She laughed and I blushed

"Did you just blush?"


"You did I just saw it!!!!!"


"It's fine it's kinda cute"

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