Hey um............Akward

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Hi I'm Rebecca Gills (picture is her)I love the fact I'm telling you about my life but first let me take a selfie. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah jk any way I'm a werewolf I'm in the Solid Blood Pack well use to be we were kicked out because of the alpha he wanted to mark me even though we're not mates, he said it didn't matter but it does to me and, we more like just left. Well any ways I'm traveling to Texas to find a place to live we are now in a small town and were stoping WAIT WHY ARE WE STOPPED?!?!? "Hey mom why are we stopping?" I asked from the back seat. My mom has features that are just like mine except she has blue and hazel eyes when both of mine are just hazel. "Well sweetie this is where we are staying." She says. My father has blondeish brown hair and green eyes. He HATED the alpha of the Solid Blood Pack but hopefully whenever I find my mate he'll be approving and happy for me. "Yes this is where we are staying." He states strongly. "Ok good ummmmmm"

-------------😊--------3 hours later

By now we were finally moved in and I was taking a shower. My room had its own bathroom and shower. (I'll post her room net chap.) Once out I picked out my clothes for tomorrow and went to sleepy land.

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