Chapter 1 - Breakfast

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*Louis’ point of view*

I wake up turning to wrap my arm around my Hazza, but I reach to find an empty space where his body would lie. I open my eyes in search for my man when i hear “C’mon Boo bear, we’ve got to start packing; tour starts tomorrow!” I relax as I realise Harry is just being the organised one, as I yell back “can’t you just pack my shit babe”.

Next thing i know there is a bag flying at me forcing me out of bed to prepare for the plane that leaves in 3 hours. 

I begin digging through my pile of clothes throwing anything in the bag as Harry sets out his outfits, double checking there is nothing he has missed. After 15 minutes I decide that my job here is done and move to the kitchen to attempt to make pancakes for two. As I pull out the ingredients, Harry joins me, knowing that if he is not there to help, he will have to pretend they are great, spit them out while I’m not looking, and buy breakfast at the airport without me noticing; or I will succeed at what nearly happened last time, and burn down the kitchen.

I pull open the flour and it explodes in my face leaving Harry in a giggling fit as I chase him with a handful so that we can be matching flour monsters. I get close and take my best shot leaving a cloud of white powder covering his brown curly locks. He ruffles his hair and flicks it to the side before pulling me back to the bench to finish making our breakfast.

Harry cracks the eggs and I pour in some milk. I begin to mix it all together but end up flicking half the mixture out of the bowl. Harry shakes his head and giggles, then comes over, standing behind me, wrapping his arms around me trying to teach me his skills. 

With his hand over mine we mix; until I get distracted, turning my head to meet his glowing green eyes. A slight smile wipes across his face and in a quick motion I dip my fingers into the mixture, wiping it across Harry’s face as I duck under his arm, laughing as I run knowing that he will instantly be after revenge. 

He picks up the bowl running after me and flicks some mixture in my face. We pull at the bowl and continue covering each other in what was meant to be our breakfast.

A cheeky smile wipes across Harry’s face when the bowl is empty as he pulls me close and tosses the bowl to the floor. 

I slide my finger down his cheek and lick the batter off, giving him a seductive smile. His eyes widen and he buries his head into my neck licking at the mixture we are both covered in. 

I pull him onto the couch and tug on his curls as breakfast is no longer in my thoughts. Harry slips his fingers under the bottom of my top as we clearly have the same idea. 

“AW GET A ROOM YOU TWO” Liam slams open the door followed by Niall and Zayn. 

“Your wish is my command” Harry shoots back as he pulls me up heading for our room. “Well you better make it quick, the car is awaiting” Niall raises his eyebrow. We groan but giggle as we run for the shower to clean off the rest of what was supposed to be our breakfast. 

The other boys take our bags downstairs and we sprint down to the car in a rush to make it to the airport on time.

Looks like we’re getting breakfast at the airport.

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