Sosuke × Reader One-Shots: First Note.

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Most people hated him just for what he did in episode two. And then most felt bad for him by episode 10.

Some people loved him for his looks and relationship with Rin.

Some admired (after looking him up) how much he really cares for his friends.

Some didn't completely flip out over how he spoke to Haruka in episode 2 and decided to wait before judging.

You may have done all of the above.

You may only fit in to a few of those categories.

But we know one thing: We love Yamazaki Sousuke!

I mean...that's the reason you clicked on this book, right?

And if you're just a hater looking to bash anywhere were Sousuke is given love, then we'll happily ignore you and I'll delete your comments :)

Enjoy these stories~

And a little side note to know is that I am aware that in subtitles his name is spelled 'Sousuke' but in official translations of his name like on posters or magazines, it's spelled 'Sosuke'. So that's how I'll be spelling his name here~

So I'll have some of my own one-shots ready to put up after publishing this, but after that is when I'll start taking requests (because I'm using litterally every idea I have with those first few).

Here is something I want to establish right now. Read carefully.

I do not write lemons.

I repeat: DO NOT write lemon stories.

If you were looking for that then... yeah, sorry.

The farthest I'm willing to go right now at least is probably something like a really heated make-out session; not going too far with touchy-feely stuff; you're going to keep your shirts on.

Or like... if you're someone who pays attention to what I comment or vote on, if there was something a teeny bit heated in that story, that's how far I'd go with writing. Like uhm...hmm... (prepare for dat free advertising) Deathberry Break Out! an IchiRuki book. I'll probably be just under the level of the heat that's in those one-shots (the first three...if I remember correctly xD).

Okaaay I feel very awkward so I'm gonna cough really loudly COUGH COUGH WOW EVEN ALL CAPS COUGH

That not enough? Again, sorry. I'm just not comfortable with stuff like that - I'm more of a fluff person.

Yesh, fluffieness ♡ asdfghjkl;

Okay, now that I'm done with that~ I will have a specific part where I say I will take requests. Only 5 requests at a time - after that I will edit the part to say at the bottom: "All requests taken. Please wait until next time."

I will say in the title that the one shot is a request, and if you'd like a dedication then just say so :)

...And if you want it to be, uh, intimate, say that as well. Otherwise it will be fluff or whatever I come up with.

And depending on the circumstances that your request gives or if it's a yandere story, there may or may not be a happy ending. Maybe death- dramatic coughing. So yeah. Now I'm just throwing out random facts.

Hope you'll like this book~! :D


(gah why I'm I finally publishing this idk how to do reader inserts-- omfg why--)

*2nd EDIT*

To all the people telling me that Samezuka is an all boys school.

1.) I honestly had no idea.

And 2.) There's a thing called fiction. That's what this book is :P In my little world of this book, Sanezuka is just another school.

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