That Age

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Later, when the president showed up at the Shingami Women's Society, everyone there was surprised at the fact that she was without her usual costume this year. Nanao stared at her, pushing up on her eyeglasses. "You're not being in costume… does this mean the topic of making Halloween official won't come up as part of the agenda this year?"

"Actually, that is the main agenda of this meeting," the girl smiled.

"Why is it then, that you're not wearing a costume?" Kiyone asked.

"Because I don't have it yet, came the bright smile, not to mention giggle.

"But I liked your cat ears," Matsumoto moped, and Momo nodded her head.

"I'm going as something else, I'm going to be Ichigo!" the girl continued smiling.

"You're going to dress as a boy?" Nanao suddenly turned pale.

"What do you mean, dress like a boy? You're not making any sense, just like Pineapple head," came the protest.

"She's at that stage where she doesn't realize the difference between boys and girls. I wonder if she'll ever reach that stage, as Captain Hitsugaya has yet to do so," Nemu commented.

"Excuse me… but where did that come from?" Matsumoto glared at the other woman.

"Mayuri-sama has never received a positive reaction like he does with captain Kyoraku when it comes to the games he creates," Nemu stated.

"No… it just means they aren't perverts," Nanao sighed.

"And taicho's at that stage…" Matsumoto muttered glancing at the table in irritation for some reason.

"I think…" Soifon commented. "She's at that stage where she doesn't realize dressing as the opposite sex is taboo."

"What… I wanted to cross-dress with Gin," Matsumoto stated, causing quite a few females to turn pale. "What?"

"I think it would, for one thing, be impossible for you to cross-dress," Nanao narrowed her eyes at her friend.

"And the other point?" Matsumoto pouted.

"A female Ichimaru Gin…" Isane's head hit the table and she let out a moan.

"But girls can dress in guys clothing, only the other way around is taboo," Rukia piped up.

"Tell that to Yumichika. I believe he likes to wear woman's blouses," Nanao piped up.

"I don't think woman's blouses count… skirts have to be involved, and it can't be a culture that has the third gender," Nemu imputed.

"How did we get on this conversation?" Momo suddenly asked, a tad bit uncomfortable with where it had gone.

"What does dressing like a boy have to do with me dressing up as Ichigo?" Yachiru piped up, causing the woman to stare at the tiny girl. "I'm going to go talk to Snowball-chan. He's not a dumby."

"Did she just say we're stupid?" Isane stared after her.

"I believe that was the connotation," Nemu imputed.

CLUE THREE: To be a shingami, or not to be a shingami, that is the question. This clue leads both to the costume and who the costume is for.

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