Chapter 48: But You Have To Die For Me To See How To Live

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Chapter 48: But You Have To Die For Me To See How To Live


I was pacing around the waiting room after the hospital staff forced me to stay out here. I just wanted to make sure my daughter was okay.

"TJ!" Brandi exclaimed. I ran over to her and hugged her tightly, burrying my face into her shoulder. I started to sob and shake, totally breaking down.

"D-Did they say anything?" Brandi asked, her voice cracking.

"N-Not yet. They had to force me to stay out here."

"TJ, just let the doctor's do the work they need to, alright?"

"'O-Okay." I said, letting go of her and wiping my eyes. I sat down in the chair and hung my head, digging the heels of my hands into my eyes. "Fuck." I mumbled, tugging on my hair.

"Man, it's okay, she'll get through this." Craig said, sitting next to me.

"I know, it's just-ugh!" I sighed, throwing my head back and then looking over at him. "When I saw her hit the ground, my stomach and my heart dropped. I got so scared and my first instinct was to run to her."

"Like Brandi has told you and I've told you and Gab had told you and everyone has told you, you're a great father TJ, and your reaction just proved it."

"Thanks." I smiled.

"No problem." I looked across the room and saw Caige curled up in a corner chair, crying. I sighed. I felt bad for him, as much as I didn't like the idea of them dating.

"My parents are on their way here." Brandi said.

"I should probably call my parents." I said and Brandi nodded. I walked out of the hospital and called my mom.


"H-Hey mom." I said, my voice cracking.

"TJ, are you okay?"

"A-Amber had an accident."

"Thomas Joseph Bell, what happened."

"S-She was in a horseback riding competition and she fell off. W-We haven't gotten any more information yet."

"We'll try to get the next flight out there. Keep us updated, okay?"

"Okay. Bye mom."

"Bye, love you." I hung up and walked back into the hospital and going into the waiting room.

"They're going to try to get out here as fast as they can." I told Brandi as I sat down. "Any word?"

"Not yet." She said and I sighed.

"Amber Bell." Brandi and I stood up, rushing oer to the doctor that had just walked in.

'We're her parents." Brandi said, gripping my hand. "How is she?"

"Well, the fall caused a concusion, which is too be expected. There's no visible damage to the brain or skull, but we have to wait for her to wake up to see if there's any further damage. No broken limbs, just some bruises and scratches. Your daughter was very lucky."

"Thank you so much." I smiled, shaking his hand. "Are we allowed to see her?"

"Yes, but only immediate family. Meaning you two and her siblings if she has any."

"But, not even her boyfriend? Or her Godparents?" Brandi asked.

"I'm sorry, once she is sent to a recovery room the rules will lighten up. We're keeping a close eye on her to see if there's any further damage that can be created over time. Only one person is allowed to be in the room after visiting hours and that one person may sleep in the room We already have a cot set up."

"Alright, thank you doctor." Brandi said. The doctor gave us the room number and walked off.

"This is bullshit!" I exclaimed.

"What?" Craig asked.

"TJ, calm down."

"This stupid fucking hospital! They'll only let Brandi, Aaron, Amber and I back to see Amber. Only one person is allowed to be back there after visiting hours."

"I-I can't see her?" Caige asked and I shook my head.

"I'm sorry Caige." He screamed, punched the wall and stormed out of the hospital.

"I'll go get him." Craig said and ran out of the hospital after his son.

"I guess we should go check on  Amber." I said to Brandi and she nodded. We walked down a few halls until we reached Amber's room. I walked in and gasped. She was hooked up to multiple machines and looked so pale. It broke my heart to see her like that. I sat in the chair next to her bed and grabbed her hand.

"I love you so much Amber, please wake up." I said, starting to cry again.


"Caige! Where are you going?"

"Traffic!" He shouted. I started to sprint and tackled him to the ground.

"GET OFF OF ME!" He shouted, trying to squirm away. I turned him onto his back and pinned him to the ground. He had tears rollling off the side of face and his bottom lip started to tremble.

"Caige, she's going to be fine, I promise you."

"I-I just want to see her." He cried.

"You will eventually. It's just the hospital's rules. TJ and Brandi will keep you updated."

"Okay." He sighed, wiping his eyes as I let go of his arms. I stood up and helped him to his feet, walking back into the hospital with him.



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