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James, Lily, and Harry, moved to the 'Potter Manor,' after a month with Sirius. Now it's December 20, 1981.

Lily sat up groggily. She looked to her sleeping husband beside her and smiled. She kissed his forehead and got up to check on Harry. She walked in the room to find Harry already awake. "Sik..." Harry stood up, using his crib rails for support.

Lily walked over and felt his burning forehead. "Oh, baby, your burning." Harry picked her son up. Harry nuzzled into his mother.

As a normal mother, she was worried. Harry only got sick as a newborn. Harry wrapped his arms around Lily's neck. Lily smiled and kissed the top of his head.

She walked down the stairs to see James cooking. "Hullo James." Lily said. "Hi Lils. Hi Harry." He walked over. "Harry's sick." Lily frowned. "Aw... Poor baby..." James walked away and got some medicine from the cabinet. "Here..." He tried to get Harry to drink the medicine. Harry refused, he twisted and turned. "He's an elementa," Dumbledore ran from the fireplace he just Flooed out of.

Lily and James jumped. "I found out from doctor's when you had him he'd be an elemta. He can control all elements. Don't give him medicine." Dumbledore calmed. "How did you know we were giving him medicine?" James asked. "I knew today he would feel sick, it's his day for powers to come in. I woke up and Flooed in." Dumbledore explained. "Oh." Lily bit her lip. He was hot. Getting hotter.

"Lily, you need to put him down." Dumbledore said slowly. "I will not fear my baby!" Lily snarled. "I know, but you must sit him down. He'll burn you." Dumbledore urged. Lily nodded. Tears swam in her eyes. Did he expect her to live in fear from her baby? She slowly sat him down. "Ma?" Harry tried to touch her, but she backed away.

"He will turn to fire. Then his next element. This will repeat. He should change in 30 minutes." Dumbledore said watching baby Harry cry for his mother. "No! Ma! Up!" Harry turned red and orange. Dumbledore put a force field around Harry so the fire wouldn't reach the house. Fire engulfed him. All Lily and could do was watch.

Harry smiled at the flickering flames. He kept playing with them.

Just as Dumbledore said his element changed to earth. Rock formed around him. Little rock horses and dogs play around. Harry giggled. After 3 hours of endless watching, and Harry playing, his elect changed to air. The air in the small force field was cold. Harry laughed a bit. Another long three hours of the aldults watching intently it changed to water.

One more hour of this, James and Dumbledore were sure to fall asleep. Lily just kept watching, curious and worried. She smiled when he laughed. Finally it was four and all the powers were inside Harry.

"That.. Was.. Er... Awkward..." James commented. Lily nodded in agreement.

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