Just one more little prank

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Percy’s Pov

Ah… Hey! I won’t prank anyone, promise! Well, there is one tiny exception for Chiron though.  I’m going to talk to him, tell him I was the one pranking people, ask him to accept me back into Camp Half-Blood, and introduce myself to everyone, even though everyone already knows me. But before I do that, just let me pull one more little prank.

I walked over to Chiron and Mr.D. They were playing another round of pinochle. I used my awesome ghost powers, and shrieked so that I would sound like a little girl that was about to get eaten by a cobra.

I grabbed Mr. D’s cards and Chiron’s cards. Then, I switched them. I shuddered. I just realized that I was helping Mr.D win the game. Whatever. It was worth it.

A/N Sorry for not updating in a while! Anyways, Percy’s chat with Chiron will probably be in the next few chapters. Bye!

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