More Than a Friend.

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(Big huge shoutout to MoaningMatty for being such a chill bro and bringing my idea to life! Go check her works out if you like The 1975! x)

Cry closed the space between your bodies in a nervous motion. 

You didn't expect it, reacting suddenly with a gasp as one of his freezing hands moved up to your cheek, brushing agaisnt your delicate skin until his lips collided with your own in an attempt to shut you up. The funny thing was, it worked.

It then seemed like an eternity until you both heard Felix whistling as he pulled up.

"GET IT CRY." He whooped as Marzia giggled beside him. Nobody could tell, but your cheeks had turned a bright shade of Red. Ryan brushed it off easily with a suave attitude. He simply took you by the hand and dragged your puzzled figure into the rental. 

The car made a pitstop at the liquor store closest to your hote so Cry and Ken could stock up. You requested a four-pack of Mike's, taking the tastier route. Beer was never your favorite.

The hotel room was once again busy with the Youtubers, just as it was the night you'd stumbled on them a week before. Ken resumed vlogging beside Pewds and a hidden Cry, as you sat on the ground with Marzia and Mary who were trying on wigs. SuperMaryFace dug the cosplay life. The relaxed moment caught you off guard. This was a pretty awesome situation you were in. Like, shit, Cryaotic had just kissed you no more than an hour ago, and you were amongst the coolest crowd. 

        "I'll take you back to your room, y/n." Ryan hung by the door after letting Ken and Mary out. You rubbed your eyes and looked at the clock. One in the morning? Shit, you had free concert in 9 hours and another festival to drive to and attended day after. With a nod, you followed him out. 

In front of your room was where Cry duplicated the kiss, but this time, his hands made their way to your hips to wrap his around. The booze on his breath was a little stale, but the moment itself had you trapped in a good way.

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