The Lake House

            “Are you guys almost done Mona?”, Spencer asked, standing over the hacking experts. “Calm down. Just another minute.”, Mona replied. “Only a few more codes and we’ll be good.”, Caleb added. It was now around twelve, Aria and Hanna were fast asleep on the couch while Spencer and Emily paced back and forth. “Are they done yet?”, Emily asked, sounding just as concerned as Spencer was. “Almost.”, Spencer replied, tears forming in her eyes once more.

            “No more tears Spencer. We’re going to find him. Don’t worry.”, Emily reassured, rubbing Spencer’s shoulder. “We’re done.”, Caleb said, getting Spencer and Emily in there as fast as they could. “Did you get it?”, Spencer asked. “Well, almost. As far as we know the phone is registered to Cece.”, Mona said. “Cece? Cece took Toby?”, Emily asked. “Well, not necessarily. It could be someone using her phone, or it could be her.”, Caleb answered.

            “Well, do you know where she sent it from?”, Spencer asked. “No. The satellite was taken down right after the text was sent and I couldn’t pinpoint it.”, Mona continued. Spencer’s eyes filled with tears once more, just at the thought of being so close but getting nowhere. “I’m sorry Spencer.”, Caleb said. Spencer simply walked over to a chair and sat down holding herself.

           “I-I’m never going to see him again am I?”, she asked, tears rolling down her face. “Don’t think like that Spence. I promise you, we are going to find him.”, Emily told her. “We’re not going to stop looking Spencer.”, Caleb added, walking over to her. “Yeah. I’m going to try my hardest. Trust me.”, Mona said, beginning to fiddle with Aria’s phone again. Spencer smiled slightly, grabbing ahold of Caleb and Emily’s hands for comfort as she took in their promises.

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