Secret Dip - Maddies PoV

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After Meghan and Connor wake up from their nap, we all go swimming. We switch into our bathing suits and hop in. It's a hot day today in California, and so the cool water feels good. We play some water basketball, and some water volleyball. Afterwards, we all go to eat some Cici's Pizza. But, Kian and Aubrie stay behind for a couple of minutes. I stay, because I'm a curious type. I go into the backyard, to see they are skinny dipping. Ha, they think everyone is on the driveway, waiting for them. I look out the window slowly. Yep, Kian has no clothes on. Aubrie is in the middle of taking off her bikini top. Should I interrupt? No, that'll be mean. But I see Kian swimming towards Aubrie. Her bikini is floating along the top of the pool. I'm so disgusted, I decide to ruin the moment before they do anything naughty. "What are yall--" I say, pausing, acting stunned. Kian turns around, shrinking under the water in embarrassment. I giggle a little. "So, what?" I say again. "Oh nothing, just feeling fresh." Aubrie says, struggling to find her bikini, separated around in the pool. Grossed out, I walk inside and get into Trevors Cheverolet. "What are they doing?" Ricky asks. "Skinny dipping." I say quickly. I don't wanna talk about it much anymore. I see Connor, Meghan, and an empty space in the back. In the front is Trevor and Ricky. So in the middle is Me, Kian, and Aubrie. Great, just great. Sam goes in the back. JC is also in the front, in the middle. I'm glad there's enough seats. As we cram in, I see Kian and Aubrie finally come in. I'm swished between the lovebirds, and I see Connor, Meghan and Sam talking back behind us. "Yeah, that's sounds fun." I hear Sam say with a smirk. "I think I might someday too." he adds. Think and do what? What are Connor and Meghan playing to do?

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