Chapter 15

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Chapter 15:

///Phoenixx's POV///

///3 days after the funeral///

It's been 3 days since my dad's funeral and we are still in Texas. Me and Jc are afraid to go back to California. We want to wait a couple days because our mom is still really upset about our dad. She's been with him since they were 13 years, had Jc at 15 then me at 17 and now losing him out of know where as really affected her. She barely even talks to me and Jc. She can barely look at Jc without breaking down in tears because he looks so much like our dad. She barely eats. All she has been doing for the pass week is sit in their room and cry. She will hold one of his shirts and just cry for hours. I feel so bad for her. Him dying hurt me a lot but not as much as her. "Phoenixx, I'm really worried about mom. She won't come out of their room." Jc says as he walks into my old room. He sits down next to me on my bed and looks at me. "I am too." "We can't leave until we know she's going to be okay." "I can't stay too long I have a daughter remember." "Connor is taking care of her remember." "I know. I also have a best friend who will kill me if I'm not there when she goes into labor." I say and Jc starts to laugh. "You have a month. We need to make sure mom doesn't kill herself." "You know what, I want to stay here until mom is able to leave her room and look at you without crying." "If it takes more than a month, just have Connor and Zada come here." "That's what I'm planning on doing. I'm also gonna call Alexis to let her know." I say as I grab my phone and call Alexis.


"Don't kill me but there's a big chance that I'm not gonna be in la when you go into labor."


"It's my mom.. She won't come out of her room. My dad dying hurt my mom a lot. I need to be here. Me and Jc don't want her killing herself."

"I understand. How did your dad die anyway?"

"Didn't I tell you?"

"No. You just told me you were going to Texas because your dad died."

"Oh he had a heart attack and it killed him."

"AT AGE 34?!!?"

"I know. He died so young and now my mom is so lost without him. She's been with him since they were 13."

"You would be lost without Connor and I'd be lost without Luke."

"I'm pretty sure you'd be more lost without me than Luke."

"Yeah you're right."

"I gotta go. I'm surprising Lauren. I haven't seen her since I was 4 months pregnant with Zada."

"Tell her I said hi."

"I will."

I don't even let her say anything, I just hang up my phone. I put it in my back pocket and look at Jc. "Can I have the keys for the rental car." "Yeah here." He says handing them to me. "Thanks. If anything happens to mom call me and I'll come home." I say as I get up from my bed. "Alright." He says as I leave my room. I get to the car and start to drive to Lauren's. I get to her house and park my car in the driveway. I walk up to her door and ring the doorbell. She opens the door and starts to scream. "OH MY GOD. PHOENIXX!!" She screams as she hugs me tight. "Surprise." "Why are you in Texas!!!!" "My dad died." "I'm so sorry Phoenixx." "It's fine, I'm staying for a couple weeks until my mom is stable to be alone." I say as we walk into her house and sit down on her couch. "Is Zada here?" "No, she's in California with Connor." "Why didn't you bring her! I wanna see her and meet her." "I didn't want her going to the funeral so they stayed in California." "Last time I saw her she was still in your stomach." "You've seen pictures of her right?" "Yes. You send me pictures of her all the time." "Do you wanna see more?" "Hell yeah." She says and I pull out my phone. I scroll my pictures and pick a picture. It's a picture of her and Michael. Shes sitting on his lap and she has this big smile on her face. "This is one of my favorite pictures of her." I say showing her my phone. "IS THAT MICHAEL CLIFFORD!" "Yeah. He's her uncle." "WHAT." "Oh right. I didn't tell you." "No!" "I'm really good friends with 5sos. Alexis is dating Luke and she's also pregnant with his kids." "Man. I wish I lived in California." She says and I get an idea. "YOU SHOULD MOVE TO CALIFORNIA!" "What Phoenixx no." "Come on! You graduated from high school already." "I don't know Phoenixx. What would I do there? I'm not a YouTuber like your brother and I'm not in a famous band like 5sos." "No, but you can sing." I say looking at her. "I'll make a deal with you, I'll move out there for a year, if I can make it as a singer I'll stay." "Or you can make a YouTube channel and sing covers." "Fine." "YAY!" I scream as I hug her tight. "You're welcome." "I'm so excited now." "I'm gonna wait a couple months though." "Why?" "Because I gotta save up." "Oh yeah." "I wanna see more pictures of Zada." "This is Connors favorite picture of her." I say showing her my phone. It's the pictures of her in all of his merchandise. "Awe! She looks so adorable!!!!!" "She's the best thing that's ever happened to me." "What's that on her finger?" She screams as she puts to my engagement ring. I lift up my hand and smile at it. "He proposed to me." "WHEN!!!!!!!!" "Last month." "AND IM JUST NOW FINDING OUT." "Sorry!" "I better be in your wedding." "You're gonna be my bridesmaid." "When are you getting married?" "I don't know, I'm gonna wait until Alexis has her twins and I want to wait until Zada is a little older." "Did you get a dress yet??" "Nope. But I have a dress in mind." I say as I pull up the picture of the dress I want. It's a strapless dress that is extremely poofy, has a lace up back, and it has small diamonds all over it. "That's so pretty you better get it." "Before I my dad died I sent him this picture and he said he'd by it for me. But now he's gone..." I say as tears start to fall down my cheeks. "I'll be right back." She says as she gets up and leaves. 5 minutes later she comes back downstairs with her dad. "Phoenixx, Lauren told me about your dad and the dress." "Yeah he had a heart attack, right before he died he told me he'd buy it for me." "I'll get it for you." "What no. You can't do that. I'm not your daughter.." "Phoenixx I've known you since you were 4. You're like my 2nd daughter." "Thank you so much!!!!!" I scream as I stand up and hug him. "It's online right?" "Yes." "I'll order it and send it to California." "I love you so much right now." "No problem, I'm sorry about your dad." He says as he leaves the living room. I'm so happy right now, words can't describe how happy I am.

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