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Evans POV

Wow kid went all out he must really like -------- in more than just a friend way like

Kids POV

"Alright us three will get into our pajamas now Evan sense you don't have any you can borrow a pair of mine"I said

"Ok"Evan said very cheerily

"Ok where's your bathroom" -------- said

"First door on the right"I said and -------- went to go get changed

Your POV

"I can't believe he did this for me it's nice but he knows I'm not that out going. I should just suck it up and get through the night" you thought

Kids POV

"Here you can wear this"I said and I pulled out a pair of black silk pajama bottoms and gave them to Evan

"Thanks dude" he said

"Anything for a FRIEND of --------'s"I said with a harsh tone

When we were done getting dressed Evan and I came down stairs and saw ---------- I instantly got a nose bleed she was wearing short-shorts and an old Metallica t-shirt next thing I knew Evan was dragging me over their

Your POV

Ugh typical men you thought

"Can we just eat and get this over with" you said

" ---------- IS RIGHT THE MIGHTY BLACK STAR NEEDS NOURISHMENT" that idiot said then you pulled out your flute with a homicidal look on your face and like always he hid behind Tsubaki. You put your flute away and helped yourself to the pizza all of a sudden Evan sat down next to you

" so are you having fun" he said

"To tell you the truth I thought that we were just going to go home after the concert and relax by watching some Wipeout on TV "

"Yea that's what I thought but I know what will cheer you up"

"What" you said cluelessly

"You know just a little wrestling WWE style"

"O it's on" you said

All of a sudden you two were rolling around on the ground and you had Evan in a headlock

"I win again" you said when you looked at everyone they all turned white except for kid he looked as terrifying as Sweden from Hetalia. He came over to Evan and picked him up and started to yell


"I was cheering her up "

Souls POV

This was getting weird really fast I looked over at the karaoke machine and had an idea

"Hey kid, Blackstar remember the song and dance we did for the school talent show"

"Yea so what" they said in unison

"How about we show the ladies what were made of" I said and then I dragged them over to the Karaoke machine


don't you guys love me you will find out what happens in the next chapter

By the way I know that they didn't compete in a talent show this just makes it a lot easier to write

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