You were currently finishing up dinner with your best friend, Thomas. After that, you two plan on walking around. You finished dinner relativly early along with Thomas, which gave you more time. 

"So what do you wanna do?" Thomas asked. 

"Just walk around and talk with you." You replied, grabbing his hand and intertwining your fingers. 

You could see Thomas's face turn slightly red as he looked at the ground. You decided to try something. You have liked Thomas for a really long time now, so you decided to do this.

"So Tom, I'm sure you're a pretty good runner." You said. 

"I guess so, Minho claims I may be better then him. No way it's true though." Thomas said, shrugging. "You're not too bad yourself." He added. 

"Thanks. By the way, Minho wants me to start running with you tomorrow instead of alone. New runner is gonna be doing the section I usually do." You informed him. 

"Okay." Thomas said. 

"Anyways," You started. "I doubt that's the reason why." You said. 

"What do you mean?" He asked. 

"New runner. I don't think he wanted me to run alone after I saw a griever in there." You said. Thomas squeezed your hand slightly, then blushed realizing that he did. 

"Are you blushing?" You teased, smiling at him. Thomas blushed even harder. "Aw you're so cute!" You said, squeezing his hand. Now his face was a bright scarlett red. You laughed slightly at his face. "Well it's starting to get late, see you tomorrow." You said to Thomas, giving him a quick hug. 

"See you tomorrow.'' Thomas replied.

You broke out into a run, heading towards the homestead where your room was. Perks of being the only girl. You fell asleep that night with Thomas on your mind.


You woke up, quickly freshening yourself up as you grabbed your running gear. You got some breakfast from Frypan then met Thomas in the map room. 

"Ready?" Thomas asked. 

"Yeah, let's go." You replied, leaving the map room with Thomas.

You started out with a slow jog along with Thomas until you hit the maze, then you started running. 

"So show me the way." You said. 

"Follow me." He spoke as he started running a little faster, leading the way. You ran for a while before stopping to have a lunch break. 

"So what is it like, being the only girl?" Thomas asked. 

"It's okay I guess, though Newt always tells me that almost everyone here wants my hand in marraige." I said, laughing along with Thomas who started laughing.

"So do you think your crush is one of those people?" Thomas asked. 

"I don't know honestly. I don't think he likes me like that." You replied. 

"Who is he?" Thomas asked, smiling deviously. 

"I'm not saying. You can guess, and if you get it right then you will know." You replied, looking at him. 

"Okay. I'm gonna start with Minho." Thomas said. 


"Newt?" He asked.


"It's gotta be Clint." He said. 


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