mission 3: enter tiara and zarion part 1 :tiara

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"How long does it take to search up robotnick!!" Jalen said to me to speed up my research. I told him this isn't as easy as it looks. " you are a genius i thought it was easy for you." jalen said. I blushed rolling my eyes. I saw something. A big fat man who was shaped like a egg "is this the guy"  i said to him. He looked up. "yea, yea thats him!!!!! " Jalen said then right when he said that some robots showed up. We went outside "thats the symbol " jalen said."what. " i said. "thats robotnicks symbol" . " how do u know? " when me and mari was at his base all the robots had that symbol" . Jalen ran to the robot. Jamari tagged along with him.  Then the robots got shot from the sky. " hmph, shooting them is WAY better than having to punch and kick. " said a highish voice of a girl.  We looked up and saw someone on top of the tower and she jumped down.  We saw a pretty girl with long hair,  booty shorts,  and a top showing her belly.  "Names Tatiana just call me tiara". Jalen was confused, i could see it in his face. "Who..... How....... Wat...... " . Then shade ran outside with shania. "What happened ."shade said." i heard gunshots " . Then she saw tiara. "Who's this chick". Shade said. "shes tiara " jalen said "come inside. " "nice place you got here." tiara said. "yup" jalen said.  "How do you kill robots with your hands " tiara said. "I dont Jamari does i have a sword kutia made for me, shes a genius" jalens said.  I blushed and rolled my eyes and said whatever. 

Tiara pov

"WOW THIS HOUSE IS BIG HOW DO THEY PAY FOR THIS" I thought.  They were explaining who everyone is.  "jalen" i said.  "yo" jalen said.  "you own this place, right" "yea" "would you mind if i stayed here, i really don't have anywhere to go" i said. "sure we have space i mean we let jamari stay, right " jalen said.  Everyone laughed except for jamari.  "Shutup " Jamari said.  "Whatever".  Jalen said. I think im gonna like it here.

Hi guys and girls thanx for reading  my friend tiara and kutia might like this chapter bye

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