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It was around two weeks after Yachiru had disappeared, and a week after she had been found. No news of exactly what had happened to the small girl, had been passed onto any of the captains, as far as she knew. This agitated quite a few of them, yet Ukitake explained to them to have patience with Yamamato.

As Soifon went to her room, to undress herself for the night, she couldn't help but feel more tired than usual. She had been having a little bit of blood in her underwear, so she figured that her period was close to coming, and with the cramps that her abdomen was feeling, she sure it was going to come soon.

This made her feel a bit bitter with Hisagi, as it was very likely that she had been ready the night the man had turned her down. But she was also glad that she hadn't gone through with it. She thought perhaps though, it might not be a bad idea for her to indeed work with him, after some planning, on having a child.

She would of course have to get her families consent in the matter, something she hadn't been thinking of when she had been drunk. The last thing she needed was her father becoming livid at finding out his only child, pregnant and with child, but her mind somehow pushed this to the side.

She had stripped down to her underwear, and glanced at her belly. It was a bit poochy, as she would describe it, which she figured was due to her menstrual cycle coming through soon. The sooner the better, because even she had to admit that she was downright nasty with her men, whenever she went through that, and she figured that they knew what was going on, unfortunately.

As her eyes glanced at her belly, she suddenly saw the silver chain wrapped around her midsection, and she felt something in the pit of her stomach do flips, and she licked her lips. Without realizing she was doing it, her had reached down, and unfasoned the small vile, and poured it into her mouth.

The next thing she new, she felt as if her consciousness were swimming away, and without realizing it, she found herself dressing herself back into her uniform, minus her haori, and then slipping out of her family estate, the way that she was going, blurring from her senses, as if she was not meant to recognize it.

She walked in through the gate of an estate that was quite, and dark, and she carefully walked back towards the back, and slid open a door. A futon was lying on the middle of the floor, and she went and sat on it, in normal Japanese style. As soon as a shadow filled the doorway, where a man stood and leaned on the doorjamb.

"Come here, Shaolin," the man stated, waving his hand at her.

"But Aishadou-dono… you always tell me to strip…" came her reply, squeaking out. Her subconscious was completely in control… again, and she remembered what had happened the last few nights since Yachiru had disappeared.

"It has been two weeks since we've started the project. Your body is so small, so under weight, that there is a chance that if you are pregnant, we can tell,"

"I am not pregnant," Soifon let out in a huff. "I am sorry to disappoint Aishadou-dono, but I am about to have my cycle."

"Is Shaolin sure of this," the man stated.

"Shaolin is positive," the woman stated firmly.

"Which means, if we confirm it tonight, that you are pregnant, your conscious self won't have a clue that you really are! This is hysterical!" the man laughed, come here.

Reluctantly, she walked over to him, and he spun her around, and embraced her from behind. He conscious self wanted to spit on the ground, but her body was going through euphoria of being in a man's arms. He had never touched her like this, and her subconscious relaxed from the enjoyment it was taking from the matter at hand.

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