I must be daydreaming

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Anyways, on with the chapter.

Katie’s Pov

Ugh. I hate having to plant strawberries, or grapes, or plant anything every day. I mean, it’s fun, but when you have to do it every single second of your life, it gets boring.

This morning, I was just watering the strawberries in the strawberry field, when a bunch of plants just started grabbing me a pulling me down.

At first, I thought that it was probably Miranda Gardener, my little sister. Apparently it wasn’t.

I couldn’t breathe; but then the plants started loosening. I heard snickering. I thought it was Travis.

But when I turned around to see brown eyes, I didn’t see them. Instead, I saw a pair of sea green eyes.

Wow, I thought. I must be daydreaming. I admit that I am a bit tired. But I never daydream.  I shuddered.

What’s happening to me?



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