Room 4

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Once I entered Room 4, I slammed the door hard behind me. I don't think any of the shadows were chasing me, but just in case, I didn't wanna let any come through.

I put my hands on my knees and struggled to catch my breath. My heart was still pounding from what I had just saw. All of the rooms weren't gonna be as terrifying as that, would they? I certainly hoped not.

No. They'll be much worse. A little evil voice inside said, but I shook my head. I wasn't gonna think about it. I'll just face whatever comes and not worry about the future.

Great. I just started and I'm already hearing voices.

I finally managed to calm myself down and rose. I turned to face the room to take in my next challenge. But there was nothing to take in. I couldn't see anything. It was extremely dark - no not just dark, this was like an abyss. Or a black hole. I was utterly confused and very terrified. Since no one else is around, I'll admit to you that I am extremely afraid of the dark and this was something out of this world. I could almost feel the darkness around me. There was no way I was getting out of here like this.

I put my hand in front of my face and waved it around. I couldn't even see my own hand and it was right in front of me. The utter perfection of the darkness gave me chills.

But, I didn't wanna waste time here. Those shadows had terrified me and I still wanted to get as far away from them as possible. Only God knows if they have the ability to go through walls and I certainly didn't wanna find out. I hesitantly stepped forward, my arms outstretched, and once I was sure nothing was in my way, I began to walk. Slowly.

Several times I almost tripped. Even though the ground seemed to be perfectly flat, not seeing it was really stressful. I walked for a long time. I was either going too slow or this was a very long room. I couldn't tell which. Maybe both.

As I progressed I struggled to remember if I had ever been in a place so dark. I came up with nothing though. I had no idea a darkness as deep and thick as this was even possible. It was almost like I was walking in a cloud of it and nothing could break through.

The further I walked the scareder I got. I had no idea where I was going or what was around me. Anything could just come out and grab me right now and I wouldn't see it coming. I was unprepared and lost. I wasn't even sure I was heading towards Room 5.

But, regardless I kept going (what other choice did I have?) and eventually I tripped. I gave a loud shriek as I stumbled but I regained my composure. Then I froze.

I had just shrieked very loudly, yet I didn't hear a thing. That was weird. My voice should have carried. Was the world on mute or something?

I had meant that last statement as a joke, but then I started making noises to test. I even started barking and sure enough, I couldn't hear a thing. It was on mute. But this time I found no humor in that. I felt suffocated. Violated in a way. How could there be no sound? Was it just me or was the whole room like this?

My heart beat faster. I had no idea what was going on but I didn't have time to investigate. This was too freaky. I stepped forward, even more determined to get out of here. This was worse than the shadows. I felt trapped, claustrophobic and more than anything else, scared. I walked faster than I did before, my heart pounding now. I couldn't even hear my own breath!

And as if that wasn't bad enough, I began to hear a strange hum. It was low at first but it slowly started growing louder and I could tell it was coming from somewhere behind me.

I started moving faster, trying to outrun the noise behind me, hands still outstretched, but the sound just kept growing louder. I can only describe it as a wavy hum and it was the only thing I could hear. The sound sent vibrations through my skull and I was on the verge of a headache.

I started running and not too soon after, I crashed into a wall. I'm pretty sure I shouted something along the lines of "Oww!" But, of course, I couldn't hear anything besides that terrible noise, which was steadily growing louder and it made my brain tingle.

I recovered quickly though and felt along the walls like a maniac. I realized that I was touching the door to Room 5.

Relief washed over me but then, all of a sudden the hum changed into an agonizing shreik that immediately gave me a migraine. I clamped my hands over my ears, trying to stop it. But it only gave the smallest bit of releif. I felt like my head was gonna explode.

I pressed my back to the door and clenched my teeth, still covering my ears. I could feel something there, not too far in front of me, causing the shreik.

And right when I didn't think I could take any more, a light flashed on for just a split second, and the whole room was lit up. Then it shut back off, just as quickly as it came on, but it was enough for me to see that there was nothing there and the room was empty. The excruciating sound had no source.

This somehow made me angry. The noise hurt like hell, but I mustered up the courage and took my hands off my ears. I didn't think it was possible but the noise got almost ten times worse and I doubled over. But I gained strength and quickly opened the door, entering Room 5, leaving the shreik behind me.

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