Ch.55 Family Drama

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Today Alex is getting baptized.

Every time someone gets baptized in a Mexican family there's a huge party after the church part.

And that's what we're gonna do at my moms house.

Only me, Diego, Monique, Lethal, Diego's brothers, his mom and dad and step mom and dad are going to the church to baptize Alex since my mom has to get everything ready for the party.

Alex is wearing an all white suit cause that's what he's supposed to be wearing.

I'm gonna change later for the party but for now I put on a dress and heals to look formal enough.

"You're gonna wear those tall ass fucking Louboutin's to fucking church?" Diego asks with a small laugh.

"Yes the fuck I am" I tell him handing him Alexander.

"Okay let's go hurry it's already 11" I tell him.

We drive to the church and meet everyone there.

It was pretty long and boring but this is a special thing to me.

If anything ever happens to me or Diego or both of us it's up to Monique and Lethal to be there for Alex.

I know that I can really depend and trust them when it comes to Alex.

Once the baby is finally baptized we take pictures then go home so I can change.

"What time is it?" I ask Diego as I touch up my makeup on the way home.

"Umm 12:30" he says.

When we get home I re-curl some piece of my hair and touch it up.

Then I change into a white spaghetti strap tank top that has horizontal thin black stripes spaced out on it, blue skinny jeans with a Chestnut brown belt, and chestnut brownish sandals to match.

"Did you change Alex?" I yell to Diego. I think he's in Alex's room.

"Yeah!" He tells back. I grab my purse then go to the living room.

Diego comes back out with Alex.

"Ready?" I ask him as I fix up Alex's hair. He nods.

We go outside to Diego's truck and drive to my moms house.

We say hi to everyone and just enjoy the party.

It was SUPER awkward seeing Saul.

I can tell he was mad about seeing Lethal as Alex's godfather.

"Marissa!" My Tia Vanessa but everyone calls her Vee, yells from the sliding glass back doors.

I hand Alex to Monique and go inside.

"What's up?" I say to her. "Help with the food really quick we're almost done" she says.

What's a huge Mexican party without alcohol, music, and food??

"Are you an Saul still fighting?" my Tia Star whispers to me.

"Yeah, he's pissed cause we didn't make him Alex's godfather" I tell her.

"I know your mom told me" she says.

Then Saul comes in rushing towards the front door.

"Saul come here now" my mom says walking after him.

Then she turns around.

"Marissa come here" she says aggressively.

I roll my eyes and follow her after Saul.

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