It's been 8 months since Hasten has taken you captive. You've adjusted living with these three vampires to the point where you don't remember what it's like to be free. 

You are nineteen now (legal drinking age in CANADA!) and no longer need Hasten to use Accessory. 

You find it makes life easier if you just listen, and it makes Hasten pleasant to be around. Avent has become close as your friendship has blossomed from the time you spend together.

Alex on the other hand avoids you like the plague. He refuses to speak to you and he seems to be out of the house the most. When he leaves you think he's out with your friend Ryzil. 

You find that there are missing pieces when you think about Ry. You can't put anything together on how you came to know him. 

You don't even remember anything about where you came from or who your family is. Hasten says they all died and you shouldn't worry about it. You find it hard to be sad when you never knew them.

Summer is ending and you realize Ryan and your friends are probably going off to college. It makes you frown as you realize you will be stuck in the house. 

You have been exercising regularly, jogging outside the oversized cabin to keep fit. Sometimes Hasten takes you to other cities when he is able. 

Avent has been your teacher for the time being, they have enrolled you in online college courses. When it comes time to do exams they will send a decoy in your place since Hasten doesn't want you to go anywhere that they can't be.

You are terribly sad that you no longer see your friends. You check out their Facebook here and there with Avents profile since Hasten deleted yours. 

They are constantly posting links about your disappearance, and if anyone has seen you to notify them. You are not allowed to go on the internet alone so you can't even tell them you're okay. 

Ryzil shows up now and then but Hasten doesn't let you talk to him. Not that it would matter, he doesn't bother to talk to you anyways. Even his inner wolf has lost interest in you. 

The deal he made with Hasten must be the reason he no longer speaks to you. Apparently, the blood bond they used is powerful and Ryzil must abide by what they agreed upon.

You smile as you watch Hastens red sports car appear from behind the woods, pulling into the driveway as the sun begins to end the day.

You quickly make your way out of the kitchen and down the steps to the front door. You watch Hasten open his car door and make his way up the steps.

"Em, you don't have to wait by the door for me." He scolds as you smile bigger. "It's not like I have anything else to do." He shakes his head, keeping his cool as he walks past you into the house. 

"You're acting like a dog." You stick your tongue out teasingly and follow him up the stairs "What took you so long?" Avent asks as he emerges from the hallway "Ran into some trouble." He mumbles as he glances back at you. 

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