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This cover is for StormyTheZebra

Title: Come As You Are

Subtitle: Not who you want to be...

Summary: For Josephine's sixteenth birthday, she gets what she's always wanted; to move to a new location, start over, and reinvent herself.

The only problem it, in this very unique environment, things seem to be beginning horribly.

It's summer, and in order to get their daughter out into the world, Josephine is forced into getting a job in the local super market where she'll meet some unlikely new people.

A couponer with a wild spirit as a companion and a quiet boy with some strange passions will worm their way into her heart. But are they welcome?

Ideas: I'm open to pretty much anything at the moment, I'm not necessarily certain if I want it to be having any pinks on it. Not a fan of pink. Other than that, I'd love it if you would try.

Awwthentic Note: I kept it peppy and stylish, choosing an image of summer look as this is how a teenage of 16 years would be like.

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Dated: 20/09/2014

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