The Unknown

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I don't know what I want.

I let people make decisions for me.


Why can't I take control of my life?

I need to be the steering wheel?

He asked me what do I want?

I told him honestly that I didn't know!

I want alot of things!

I want to be able to live!

I want to go rock climbing, jump down from a tree, ride a motorcycle, try sushi.

But how can I do those things If I am sick?

You see I have cancer!

All the things I wanted and planned to do, are all gone!

There is no future for me now.

Only future I have is to wait til winter.

Because winter is death.

Once I die, I hope that in another life, I am immortal!

That cancer is dead!

That I was finally sure about what I wanted.

So, that when he asked me, I would have a different answer.

Instead, of wanting to live...

It would simply be nothing because I'm glad I met you.

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