Chapter 20

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 Cora and I went inside the hospital to get her checked. She seemed to be in such a daze that I couldnt help but wonder what was wrong.

She looked too much preoccupied and it was like as if, she is worried that something wrong might happen. Truth to be told, I too am worried for her sake. I know that she is not lying . I could see it in her eyes that she believes that the father of her child is mine but... I know that nothing happened . At least that's as far as I could remember.

I clutched my head as I felt a snap in my brain.

"More..." I heard a female's voice scream .

I frowned. I dont really mind other people doing anything just as long as they dont get too noisy. Im also rather worried of Cora and so I decided to look around. . 

I hastily looked around ,searching to where that sound came from. Im worried ,very much.Cora has been known as a person to get drunkeasily. Another matter is that she is my responsibility for tonight . 

"Not there...." I heard her again and my eyes landed on the door  on my right. I laid my head on the  door and heard moans and groans from inside. I twisted the handle and when I did -

"Excuse me ,sir?" I looked up from my head  ache only to see a nurse handing me a paper and pen. 

"Yes?" I asked.

"Please sign here." she said and I nodded.

I looked at Cora and noticed that her head was on my shoulder and she was sound asleep. I sighed and wrote the information needed for her to be tested. 

I handed it back to the nurse after I finished filling it up and she told me to go straight and then turn right nd we'd find the doctor's roomt here.

Iwoke Cora up and led her to where the nurse had instructed.

Not sooner did we arrive and we awkwardly went inside. 

The doctor raised an eyebrow at the both of us and I heard him mutter,"Teens these days.."

Well sorry to be a teen ,I thought.

We sat at two opposite chairs,waiting for someone to speakuntil the doctor cleared his throat saying,"So I assume you'd want to have her checked if she is pregnant or not." 

We both looked at each other and nodded .

"When had you last had your period ,darling?" he asked.

Cora shifted uncomfortably and answered,"A month ago ..."

"It could be just late. Have you been using contraceptives ?" he asked.

"Truth is doctor, she has been vomitting lately and we both found ourselvesnaked on one of the bedrooms a week before but we  cant remember if something did happen. Which is why we want to know if she is pregnant and if I am the father of her child." I said through gritted teeth.

The doctor raised an eyebrow. "Well then missy, how many men have you slept with for this month?" he asked.

Cora stood up and screamed,"Im a fucking freaking virgin beforethis even happened you asshole of a doctor!" I smiled at her outburst. Truth to be told,I wanted to punch him in the gut just then. I may hate Cora for what she told Jane but I do respect her. 

The doctor hung his head down in shame and muttered,"Let's get this finished."

He  stood up ,leading Cora to one of htose devices that ultrasounds female's bellies. I dont really know what they callt hsoe things. I dont listen to the teacher you see.Nor do I come with mom .

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