Just Breathe.

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My pov.

I woke with cam by side. This was the best feeling. To be in his arms and our hearts beating to one song. Our song.

I felt like today was going to be something special. Something to remember.

I whisper to cam "Baby good morning."

He opened his eyes and stretched his arms over me. His morning voice kills me "morning. I love you."

"I love you too. Do you want to get up? or we could just stay in bed all day. Both sound good to me."

He jumped up and grabbed my hands "come on."

I walk in the living room and I pause in shock. "Y'all didn't have to do this. I feel so special."

Matt and Cam watched me while I opened all the gifts reveling a giant teddy bear, my favorite daisies, STAR BUCKS CANDY, and special of all a pair of gorgeous earrings covered in jewels and diamonds.

They were breathtaking. I run and hug the boys.

First Matt.

He's such a hugger. I love the way he is always so caring and lovable. He reminds me of a cloud. So easy going and lighthearted but when he has something to say you'll hear it like a thunderstorm on a tin roof. He let's you know but eventually goes back to sunny and smiles. Him and Carly are going to be that couple that is together from high school until they are both walking on the clouds hand and hand.

Then Cameron.

I walked up to him and looked in to his brown, enchanting eyes.

You can see the love. I feel the chemistry between us and right now want to experiment. I hugged him and we started kissing.

He is mine.

Forever and always. Through sickness and in health.


Grabs my face and says exactly what I was thinking "Remi will you always be mine?"

"Cam I love you. And I don't believe in letting you go."

"Good because if you are scratched I'm cut. If you're hurt I'm critical. I feel what you feel but so much worse. So if you leave, I die."

"Trust me I won't ever leave you. Not as long as I live."

The bus driver came over the thing like on cue "get ready we are almost there. About 45 minutes."

I kiss his cheeks and ran to my room. I felt so bubbly and girly today So I wore a red peplum shirt with some white and gold high-waisted shorts. Gold vans and I decided to curl my hair and I'm going to put a bandana head band on. I'm obsessed like Taylor. I love bandanas. A LOT!!!!!

So I do winged eye liner and red lips. LETS GO!!!!! I met the boys in the middle and Cam chuckled when he saw me and started texting. "What's so funny kid?"

"Oh nothing. It's just every time we get ready you are always dressed up and looking FRICKIN ritzy and I've got to do something."

"Well what are you going to do?"

He smiled that cheesy grin. "Um I just texted my friend who is a Tumblr Model and asked him to request you when we get back."

I stood there in shock. "CAM IM NOT A MODEL!!!! My selfie game is the only thing about me that's strong."

Matt laughed. "What about that THOT game?!?!?"

Cam bit his lip. "I know right!!!!!"

I couldn't help but laugh. "Y'all are not cool. And I don't know if I can be a model. I dance and that means I have to be still."

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