Chapter 10

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Me: hey guys! Why no one kik me:(

Just kidding wow chapter 10?!awesome!

Everyone: yeah!

Me: we we have some dares

Ayumi:I'm scared what if I have to do something with the Musume yoshiki..?

M.Yoshiki: (looks at Ayumi and smirks)

Ayumi: (hugs yoshiki)

Yoshiki: it's okay ayumi he won't hurt you

Me: yeah that's true! Well this dare is for ayumi! Who looks cuter Musume Yoshiki or yoshiki?


M.yoshiki: oh hell no

Me: shut up m. Yoshiki no one likes you!

M. Yoshiki: yes ayumi does


Me: next dare! Satoshi! You have to dance with a dress! Yay!

Satoshi: no!

Me: yes!

Satoshi: fine (puts dress and dances)

Everyone: hahahahaha

Me: I can't even....hahaha

Satoshi: shut up!

Me: ok.. Next dare! It's for me! Nope guys i told you I hate Musume yoshiki I don't want to be im a closet with him for 5 minutes

M. yoshiki: ayumi is better but okay

Jake: oh hell no bitch

Me: -_- lets just start

~~5 min later~~

Me: (gets out of closet) finally! It stinks in there!

M.Yoshiki: shut up

Me: next dare! For ayumi! I feel bad for Ayumi now...she has to be in the closet again with M.Yoshiki

Ayumi: noooooo

M.Yoshiki: yussssss

Ayumi:no no no no no

Me: just do it fast it's just 5 minutes

Ayumi: o-okay

~~5 min later~~

Ayumi: help! (Hugs yoshiki) he kissed me!

Yoshiki: oh hell no! (Punches m. Yoshiki)

Me: thx yoshiki!!!!!

Yoshiki: don't worry ayumi he wont hurt you anymore

Me: next dare! Kizami! Do you hate your big sister that much?

Kizami: yes!

Seiko: why?

Kizami: she was a bitch

Seiko: aww (kisses kizami)

Me: awww kawaii!!! Well that was all! Sorry for the short chapter! See you next time!

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