Nash's P.O.V.

Okay so maybe it wasn't the best idea to promise Gaby I wouldn't tell Cameron she liked him but listen to this from my perspective.

Gaby's mind is alone and afraid which is total opposite since she has me but anyways she needs someone.  So why not the someone be the guy who helps her everynight. Cameron is the obvious choice.

He's helping her over her fears, hes getting closer with her everynight. I know listening in on people's converstation are wrong but hey they live one story up, it's hard not to hear "Oh my goshhhh Cameron you're SO funny" "NO WAY" and them laughing everynight.

I see how Cameron looks at me and Ana when we're together, how he wants something like us and he deserves it.

I just can't believe how lucky I got, I met this beautiful girl who just so happens to be my best-friend and neighbor. Ana is goregous, blue eyes and long blonde hair. She has this bubbly person, she is very needy but not in a desperate way but just that she gets to passionate about things and have to say is her best quality. 

She could easily spend over three hours on talking about the plot of Game Of Thrones just because she loves that TV show and the concept of old-times when there was dragons and princesses.

Tonight I'm taking her out to the resurant where I first met her for DigiFest breakfast.

I just can't believe tonight is the night I'm asking her to be officially my girlfriend. Also to tell the world about us. I just want everyone to know that she is mine and oh god am I in love with her. I've alaways had this crush on her from the day we met and sat down eating  laughing over how the huge crowd of fangirls came and then having to hop counters just to get out.

I had this whole speech I'm going to give her before we start eating.

"Hey babe." Ana walked through my door.

"Since when did you get a key here?" I laughed.

"Since you gave me one about a week ago, idiot." She laughed back at me.

"When?" I asked grinning.

"About a week a- Oh no." She face plammed herself.

"ABOUT A WEEK AGO WEEK AGO!" I started doing the Shmoney dance.

She dropped on the couch.

"So what's the plans tonight?" She asked.

I went over to her and hovered above her and kissed her nose.

"Dinner, dress nice babe." I said licking my lips.

"Kay be back in a jiffy." She smiled.

"No rush." I smiled as she left.

@NashGrier:"Gotta tell y'all something tonight, don't know how you guys will take it):"

My twitter blew up moments later.


@CA$HISLYFE:"Better still be living with Cameron or I swear...."

I was laughing at the replies god I love my fans I just hope everyone will take my news well.

"BACKK!" Ana cried through my room.

"What, I didn't even start getting ready!" I yelled back shocked.

She just took not even 10 minutes but still beauitful. She had a black mid-thigh dress that flows out, black heels, hair wavy but she was wearing a braid when she came to my house.

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