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the secret of the palace was that  there was a way in the mystery room somewhere,  from  which we could reach the grand  room of ancestors and aur founder , and in that room there was  a throne which was scientifically designed at that time  so that  when a person wears it  it emit out powerful beams  which destroys   one wall of that room behind which the valley of treasure lies ,  which was more valuable than the worlds  total greatest treasures and so I got to know that it should not go in the hands of someone  who is not worth it and prnce henry is the last person  I want the treaures to go to ,  because I wanted   to donate that trasure  to the people of my country , for the children.  so I decided   that I will find the way upto their and will try my best to earn that treasure for the people of alsino and for my people.  From next day I forbited anyone entering the mystery room  for  it could be a threat   except harry my soul mate and my life and I told him and we spended aur day and night there in the hope that we will get our  mission accomplished    , and juat 1one day before my birthday I slipped over harry and there was a large paintaing it falled down and there was a cave like opening behind it  and we both went inside and got the room and then I saw the crown and I placed the crown and closed my eyes and then the wall infront of me vanished  and we went inside , I was amazed to find that that place was bigger than our entire country there was tons of gold , mountains and hills  and there were  precious stones filled in carts like it was just priceless, I was so engrossed in that world that I did not npticed when ubcle henry , hanna and other ministers and sloldiers  arrived , at first I ordered them  to arrest ubcle henry , but then I noticed that no one heard me , I turned to my soulmate harry and he stepped away from me and joined the others I was left alone , but  I was royal so I did not showed anyone how  I was crushed inside my own body , the pain I felt was unbearable , so hanna was the person who looked after me and worked for uncle henry sorry he is a moron and I will never be sorry to say that .  But fortunately ad they were about to  give me death some people of my village arrived  I asked them to leave  to save their lives but they stood by my side , and also I did not know who called them  and I was just looking at harry who was just looking at the ground and then the war began even though we had a small number  my people sacrificed their lives and at last all the soldiers of both sides were killed leaving henry , hanna , harry and me  and obvio rose who was not present there , uncle henry took out a gun to shoot me and I closed my eyes waiting for death  and then I heard a  gun sound and I was sure I was dead , but then I did not feeled the pain and I open my eyes  and founded  harry  on the ground  with blood spread all over  the ground , so he loved me . At that time    prince orsino along  with  amber arrived and uncle henry  and hanna was arrested and was lead away by the soldiers  , of prince orsino , but I did not noticed  anything , because my reason my love , my harry was breathing his last breath , I asked him why , just why did you left because he said he loved me  and he was told that I would be given death if he did not followed them , he did not thought that his father could be so cruel , so bad  and then we kissed each other for the last time because when  the kiss ended  , his spirit left his body and  my life was gone with his I cried for  how long I dont know ,  also I  came to know  that rose was not actually so bad as she appear , because she called those people , for the fight ,  . Amber tried her best  to make me happy, to teach me to learn , but I was not sure to live in the world without harry so I left a note for princess rose and inserted the knife in my heart and this time no harry came to save me .

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