It was your normal, average sunny day in Crater Lake, Oregon. It was sunny, with a gentle cool breeze.

I was in History class grading papers at the time. We were learning about things that were lost throughout time, and never found of or heard of again. "Lost and Untold Mysteries." they were called.

This was my favorite class. But my oblivious self couldn't figure it out. Chase sat near me in class, and he was grading my paper as usual, since him and Max always switched so he could grade mine. We near the back and almost always talked to each other or exchanged glances. Chase and I have been friends since 7th grade.

As usual I was grading my friend Tasha's paper. Tasha was my BEST friend. She was always there for me during my 'dark days'.

But right now I was trying not to look at Chase who was staring at me. He usually did this and when he turned around I could feel my cheeks turning pink. This always happened, and I would always tell myself, breathe!

Also, I was thinking about my friend Alive. (Its pronounced Olive but with a British accent). She's a snowboarder in Colorado. Alivia usually wears her medals on the rare occasions she visits. Whenever she came to visit, Chase would tag along. Honestly I think she was getting a tad jealous.

Sometimes during breaks I would face time her. And she would get annoyed when I mentioned my upcoming basketball games. Yeah, I know it's a guys sport but I sure know how to make that sport look like a piece of cake. I invited her to come and mentioned all the cute guys that were there. But if I said that Chase was going, she'd make up an excuse not to come.

My other friend, Any was always on a mission, or hanging out with famous people. She was adopted, and her parents died when she was just a few months old. But Any seems really happy whenever we're able to hang out. She lives all the way in New York! Chase and I are going part way to visit Alive and go snowboarding. Then we'll all go on a plane to see Any. That upcoming trip should be soon.

When everyone was done grading papers, we handed them back to the original owners. Tasha got a perfect score, which wasn't surprising since she's had strait A's since she could read or write.

Chase handed me my paper, and before he even handed it to me I knew what it was. Yep. I took the paper from him.

"Look." He said.

" I know. I got a B+" I said. "You don't have to rub it in." I said sarcastically.

He just smiled at me.

"Look closely, front and back!" Chase said casually. On the back of my paper was a yellow sticky note that said, "Meet me at the Lake. At Lunch. ~Chase"

I looked over at him and found him staring at me. I started blushing, and he smiled. I soon smiled too. I wrote back on the note, " Looks like we're going fishing!" I said.

"Emma. Chase. If you two are both done discussing your date plans, I'd like you both to join the rest of class and turn to page 54 in your text book."

"Yes ma'am!" Chase told her.

I just giggled quietly.

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