Nothing's Worse

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Nothing's worse than being surrounded by

People you know but still feeling isolated.

It's seeing their glad faces of laughter and their

Oblivion to your solitude that hurts so much because

If they cared they would've asked about it.

Nothing's worse than knowing nobody cares.

Nothing's worse than suddenly losing a feeling

In your chest that usually beats and reverberates

Throughout your being with its reputation of

Being the easiest sign to show that you're alive.

Nothing's worse than losing that rhythm that has

Lead you through your fears and your anguish in your life

Because that profound beat is what proved to you that

You were still alive.

Nothing's worse than trying to fake your way into

The circle that people believe make them so happy,

Their tight little ring of cruel jokes, pictures, and assorted

Judgmental forms of behavior towards others.

Nothing's worse than feeling like the one who can't get in

Because it's worse being out.

Nothing's worse than your own demented mind and its

Flaws it can't control but if your emotions are uncontrollable,

Then is it a legitimate reason to feel this way or am I

Fucking victimizing myself because if I can't handle my own

Problems, then how the hell can I handle other problems?

How can I handle my life?

Nothing's worse than not knowing.

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