Phase two

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Kururu's plan was to send a robot keronian army after the weakest country. In this case, the happy-go lucky italian. Italy continued walking home cheerfully, not suspecting a thing. It was time for action. Kururu pressed a button and watched from the base as the robots attacked. He heard a cut off scream of terror from the italian who was now waving a white flag in defeat. The robots had captured him, easily at that. "Kukuku~ That was almost too easy." The yellow scientist said, chuckling to himself. "Bring him back here for questioning." He ordered his creations. Each one took hold of the italian and teleported him to the keronian base. "All was going according to plan." Kururu thought with a smirk. "Now for phase two."

Italy was lead to a dark dungeon type place, his hands in shackles like if he were a criminal. The italian could not help but tremble in fear, especially knowing his friends had no idea where he was or that he was in trouble. His cold-hearted companions continued to force him down, now it was even hard to see, and it was getting incredibly cold. Italy shivered, wraping himself with his jacket as if it was the only thing that could protect him. Soon enough, the electronic machines lead him to his chamber, which he was shoved into before he could make a run for it. With that done they left, leaving the now terrifed boy alone in the darkness..Or so he thought.

In the corner Italy thought he could make out a small figure. The figure was holding his legs close to his stomach, and looked abit like he was sulking. He hadnt even made a move when Italy had been forced inside the cell, and when the door slamed with a lould bang of metal against metal. The first thought that crossed the italians mind was to join his new jailmate, but he thought otherwise. What if the stranger wasnt friendly? Sweat driped down the country's face as he continued his negitive thinking. And..what if he attacked him? Italy stared at the figure which looked about less then half the size of him. " couldnt be bad to try..right?"  Italia started to take small steps towards the stranger. "C-ciao!" He said to the thing his voice stuttering in nervousness, though high enough to echo the dungeon. The other made no move, his face dark. "Who are you?" He asked, the italian still not brave enough to move closer to see him better. "Me? Im Italy~" The said italian replied, adding alittle of his usual happimess into his sentence. And you are?"

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