M-My S-S-Stuff!

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Nico’s Pov

Agh! I should’ve known that I was Percy’s next target! I’m so dumb! At least it wasn’t that bad. I mean, I was just showering and then the water stopped.

 Then, after 5 minutes, the water turned back on. But guess what! It was freezing cold water from the Arctic Ocean!

I sighed. Classic Percy prank.

Will’s Pov

I was practicing writing a limerick. It went like this:

I once had a ten foot snake,

I had bought it at a lake,

It wanted some fleas,

Instead it got cheese,

Now, it’s obsessed with corn-flakes.

I mean, average poem, but at least it was better then one of my dad’s poems. I mean, seriously.

Dreams like a podcast,

Downloading truth in my ears.

They tell me cool stuff.

Worst. Poem. Ever. No offence dad.

Then, my pen started squirting ink all over the place.

M-My s-s-stuff……

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