The project

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"Ok so your neighbor you two will see each other's differences and similarities. Now it will be on what you like most favorite food,hobby,sport. like that."

He turned to me and said " I guess your my partner on this, project thing." he said to me. "Yea I guess so." I said. I bit my lip and started thinking.

"So let's get started..." He said.

"Ok, so for starters what's your name?"I said. It was really awkward but who cares I don't know this kid.

" Nathan, and you?" he asked. He seems really mysterious but cool.

" Uh.. Faye. It's easy to remember but kinda hard to say."I said. Still being slightly awkward.

"Ok," he wrote my name down and asked,"whats your favorite color?"

"Green. Color of money"

"Me to!!"

"So cool!whats your favorite hobby?"

"Basketball you?"


It's like we had a connection in almost all the things we asked.

"Here's my number just in case we need more information about ourselves." He said

"Okay. "


So I like basketball and when I have a crush I laugh at everything they say or blush when they look at me. Some girls know what I'm talking about.having a crush on someone can take up your time. Just make sure to spend your time with the right person not people who disrespect you.

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