Chapter One: Roommates

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        The first day of college. It’s a big deal for most people. Just the thought of the experience evokes many different emotions for each person; excitement, marvel, freedom, nervousness. Clary Fray was feeling mostly the latter. Her hands were shaking just enough to be visible and her stomach felt as though it were tied into a tight knot. She clutched her trusty sketchbook in her hands as the car came to a halt outside of a tall building.

                Looking over at her mother, Jocelyn, Clary wasn’t surprised to see that they both shared the same nervous feeling. Despite her normal, calm-and-collect façade, it was plain to see on Jocelyn’s face that she wasn’t ready to let her baby girl go off on her own; she had always been a little over protective when it came to Clary. Her eyebrows knitted together as she looked up at the dormitory they were outside of and turned to look at Clary, giving her daughter a weary smile.

                “Ready?” She asked. Clary nodded, stepping out of the car with a mask of confidence that she wished she really felt.

                It wasn’t that she was afraid of the college experience. It was only first day jitters. There was a lot to worry about, a lot that could go wrong. She could have a terrible roommate, or get lost around campus, or a number of other things. Plus, her specialty wasn’t meeting new people, which is what she’d have to do since she knew no one there. A pang of hurt hit her once she thought about that. Her best friend, Simon, wouldn’t be joining her at New York University. He was going off to Cornell University instead. Clary hated that she wouldn’t get to see him as often as she had before. However, she was happy for him to get to go to the college he wanted to. Plus, he could still call and text her, and they could see each other on weekends and holidays.

                Clary realized that Jocelyn had been talking the entire walk from the car to the interior of the dormitory building. She tuned back into what she was saying, trying to figure out what her mother was talking about.

                “…so don’t worry about all of this too much, alright? Luke and I are always at your disposal, so if you need something or need help with something, don’t hesitate to ask us.”

                Clary grinned and nodded. Luke was Jocelyn’s boyfriend, and was like a father to her. He wanted to come see her off, but Jocelyn insisted that it was fine and that he didn’t need to close up his bookstore for the day just for that. Clary had agreed and Luke let them go on their own.

                “Okay, Mom. Don’t worry so much. I’ll be fine,” she reassured her. As the words fell from her mouth, she started to believe them herself. I’ll be fine, she repeated in her thoughts. This’ll be a great year, and a great start to the next four.

                Changing the subject, Jocelyn pulled out a sheet and handed it to Clary. It had the dormitory and room number on it.

                “I think it must be on the next floor…” Clary mumbled, walking towards a staircase, her mother right behind her.

                After walking down a hallway, then backtracking, they found her dorm. Clary pulled out the key she had been given and unlocked the door. The interior of the room was small; there was just enough room for two beds, two desks, and two small closets. One bed already had stuff on it and seemed to have been claimed by her roommate, who was nowhere to be seen. That was fine with Clary. She didn’t really care which bed she got. The walls were painted a bright white, and the light drifting in through a window on the far wall made it seem like the walls were glowing.

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