Okay, as we all know August just cane out of a 3-day coma and seems to be already making a good recovery. August is like Superman to me, the boy is strong. I couldn't imagine being in a coma for 3-days. That is nerve wrecking. I have sleep paralysis so I know how it feels to sort of be awake in a sense but you can't talk or move. But that only last for about 15-30 minutes. But 3 whole days? Oh no I couldn't be able to do that. Thank God he is Okay. I been praying all week for August when I say my prayers and I'm going to continue to do so for his recovery.

Now I know y'all wondering when I'm going to finally update, Right? Chill out now it's only been 6 days. However, I'm updating tomorrow.

And I have many surprises for you all. I can only tell you 2 out of the 3.

1. I have all the information for my Trey Song love story. I let you all know when I start that. I need balance in my life. I'm getting so many great story ideas and I have to write them. I'm also going to bring back 31 Days I unpublished it because I was so busy with my Sucka Series.

2. I'm a co-writer for @AlsinaFanatic so be looking forward to do as Well and follow her.

3. I a- NIGGA YOU THOUGHT? I AIN'T TELLING Y'ALL BUT JUST KNOW YOUR REALLY GOING TO LOVE IT. Y'ALL GONE BE LIKE "YAAAAS BISSSH YAAAS" AND I swear after this is said and done with it's over and we all know it ain't over till' it's over.

Update tomorrow my loves. If y'all want me to follow y'all back just ask. Inbox me kik me (__whoisty). I'm nice I swear and we can talk about anything.

Continue to pray for Yung'. A.k.A. my husband.

I'm out. ✌

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