Chapter 11- Moving

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I was currently working on a paper with Nash. "Hey, Babe and hey Nash" Taylor says kissing my cheek.  I give him a smile, and turn to Nash. "Hey T-Taylor" Nash whispers. "Are you okay?" Taylor asks. "Yeah...Actually no. Cameron texted me today" Nash says. "Really?! What did he say?" Taylor says making his way in the middle of Nash, and I. "He said that he missed me, and that he wants to see me" Nash answers. "What did you say?" I ask.

"I didn't respond, What am I suppose to say! He didn't even give an explanation on why we haven't talked!" Nash shouts. "Mm, Why not try calling him" Taylor suggests. "Now?" He asks. "Yes! I want to know what happens!" He says. "Sh!" The librarian says to him. "Fuck off" Taylor mutters. Nash took out his phone, and dialed his number. "Here it goes" He says before pressing call. He presses the speaker button. "Hello?"

Taylor jumped out of his seat. "He answered" He says pointing to the phone. I laugh quietly, and pull him onto my lap. Well this is new. "Hello? Cameron?" Nash says biting his lip. "Yeah" He answers. "It's Nash , Remember me?" He says quite annoyed. "Of course I do, How could I forget you" he says. "Well you didn't have problem with ignoring me , so I figured you forgot about me" Nash says raising his voice. We received some glares from the librarian ,but we ignored it.

"I'm sorry Nash, I was avoiding you, because I wanted to see if I was honestly gay, but now I see that you're the only guy who I love!" Cameron says. "Aw!" Taylor, and I say at the same time. "That's-that's so stupid! You could have at least told me that you wanted to think about it!" Nash says into the phone. Well I didn't expect that. "I know, I'm sorry! To make up it to you, I convinced my mom into letting me move to LA, and live with a friend" He says. What I was hearing was so adorable that I wrapped my arms around Taylor's waist.

"Really?" Nash says shocked. "Yeah, I really missed you Nash" He says. "I missed you too Cam" Nash says smiling even if Cameron couldn't see him. After 20 goodbyes ,they finally hung up. "Aw, You got your boyfriend back!" Taylor says excitedly. "Shut up Taylor" Nash says blushing. "Aw" I whisper. "When Cameron gets here, we'll be the cutest couple" Nash says flipping his long imaginary hair. "Nah, No one can beat Shawn, and I" Taylor says standing up, and pulling me in for a kiss. "You'll see! We're better!" Nash says.

"Whatever" he says after pulling away. "Hey, Guys!" Hayes says approaching us. "Hey Little brother! Guess what!" Nash says excitedly. "What?" Hayes answers. "You were suppose to guess, but whatever. Cam is moving to LA!" Nash says. Hayes's eyes widened, and ran off. "What the hell was that?!" Nash asks. "I don't know...I'll go" I say following Hayes.

I made my way out of the library , and to the parking lot. "Shawn?" I hear Hayes say. I turn to see him , next to a tree. "Hey ,Are you okay?" I ask sitting next to him. He slowly shakes his head. "I love Cameron" He whispers. "What?! But he's with your brother!" I say. "I know..." he says looking down at his hands. "You should date Aaron" I say randomly.

"Aaron? That's weird though..." He says. "Weird?! It would be adorable ,Hayes. I don't know Cameron ,but I'm sure he's way older than you. Aaron , and you have so many things in common" I explain . "I'll think about it" Hayes says. I pat his back, and smile at him. "Now come on, and let's go tell your brother that you're okay"


That was the shortest thing in the world! I'm sorry, I'm gonna be out of town for Fall Break ,so I wanted to at least update something. It's most likely ,I'll end up writing something, and updating . the hotel has WiFi! I'm honestly falling asleep while writing this ,so I'm sorry if it sucked.

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