*****Dinah's POV*****

"Okay Dinah, I'm pretty sure you know what kinda shoot this is" says the photographer, Jonah. I nodded, "Then I need you to scream sex appeal.....not literally scream it, but just be sexy as possible". "Alright" I said, walking over to the wooden chair where'd we be doing the first part of the shoot. "Alright Dinah, we're ready for you. Just do what comes to mind". I smiled mischievously, and decided I'd put on a decent show.

I first turned the chair around and straddled it, flipping my hair to one side and visibly licking my lips sensational. I heard clicks go off, "Good". Then I turned the chair back around, and sat on it with my legs spread and hands on my knees. "Yes Dinah, beautiful". We did a couple more poses, and I finished off with a special. I stood next to the chair, and then put my right let onto it, showing off a bit of my.... Back side, if you know what I mean. ''Gorgeous babe, this is gonna sell". After a few more poses, I got to take lunch before the second shoot.

I went and got dressed in my sweatsuit again, and then me and Mani went out for lunch. "Ooh, can I call Lolo?" I asked, as we walked around, looking for some restaurants. "Only if I can call Arin" mani said, and we shook to signify our deal. I sat at a bus stop and pulled out my phone, calling my bae. "Hey DJ, how's the shoot goin'?" "Great babe, did mani send you the pics?" I heard her moan quietly on the other line, "She did baby, you look stunning". I blushed, "Thank you, I was wondering if you wanted to join me and Armani(Arin and Mani) for lunch today?"

"I'd love to babe, but I gotta stay out of sight remember?" I sighed, "Oh yeah, I'm sorry babe. I'll bring you something back from lunch". "I'd prefer you bring home that lingerie from the shoot, but whatever you can do". I laughed, "You really liked those pics, huh?" "I'm messing up my perfectly good panties just thinking about them, I can't wait till you get home. So I can wreck that body of yours" she said seductively. I felt my stomach churn from excitement and nervousness, "C-can't wait, see y-ya then ba-ba-babe". I heard her blow a kiss into the phone, "Bye". And then she hung up.

I released a breath that I didn't realize I was ever holding. Mani came over and put and a shoulder on my back, "How you feelin' there sport?" I wiped the sweat from my forehead, "I don't know, really.....I'm not sure what I feel". Mani just smirked at me, "Well, we can talk about it at lunch because Arin is busy with family today". We just kept walking, and I kept yanking at my collar, "Is it hot in here?" "Dinah, we're outside in fall weather of New York. t's anything but hot." "Oh yeah, right" I said, trying to recompose myself, and it was difficult to after the way Lauren talked to me earlier.

By the time I had got it together, we were sitting in a restaurant that looked really familiar. Was this where that gi- my thoughts were interrupted by a voice. "Hey there hot stuff, where's your pretty girlfriend?" she asked, and I turned to see Destiny standing there. I ran my fingers through my hair, "Destiny, she's at home". She smirked at me, "So she doesn't know that you're here with this new cutie, what's your name?" Mani helped up her hand, "Sorry. As in, sorry but I'm engaged". Destiny just chuckled, "Babe, that only makes it hotter". Mani scoffed, "Can we just order now?" "Sure, but I'm not on the menu hot stuff" she said, winking at me. "Yeah sure....I'll just have the chicken parm. What about you Mani?" "I'll just have a ceaser salad, that's it". We handed her our menus and then she walked away.

"That's the girl who was flirting with me when me and Laur came here. Lauren would kill me if she knew I was here" I whispered to mani. "My bad girl, but I'm not leaving till I get something to eat" she said. I chuckled at her, "Fine, we'll eat. But we gotta go right after". She nodded in agreement, "Now let's talk about your little phone call with Laurenza".

I bit my lip just thinking about it, "W-what do y-you wanna know?" "Whatever she said to you messed you up Dinah, what did she say?" she asked. I explained that I asked her if she liked the pictures and that she wanted me to bring the lingerie home. "And........" mani said, knowing that I had left something out. "She said she couldn't wait for me to get home. So that she could......wreck my body" I said sheepishly. Normani laughed out loud, "Someone's getting laid tonight". I shushed her, "Mani, people are looking. And I'm not sure I'm ready".

Normani sighed and then grabbed my hand across the table, "Do you love and trust Lauren?" I nodded. "Are you ready to be completely vulnerable to her?" I shrugged, "I'm not sure". "Dinah, Lauren was with you through you're tough times. And she waited for you when you guys split up. Are you ready to be completely vulnerable to her? To give someone ultimate power over you?" I thought for a moment......"I want to give myself to her".

"I want Lauren to be my first time".

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