Chapter 19: The Dance and The Bonding Ceremony

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Jaque's P.O.V

Lily, Brooke and I are camouflaged against the walls, ready to scare or boyfriends. If all of you are wondering who Brooke is, she is like Lily and I's best friend from The Sanctuary. She is Chamie's younger sister, so she is our age. Her and her boyfriend, Luke, just came here a month ago. Brooke is a Hider, like Chamie, she has the power of camouflage. Luke is a Tracker, but can put up a good fight, trackers can't usually fight. Luke has become best friends with the boys, and Brooke with us. Lily and I are holding Brooke's hands so she can hide us as well.

We are waiting for them to walk down so we can scare them. The boys just turned the corner.

"Ready?" I whipsered.

"Yes!" Brooke and Lily whispered.

"Ok, in, 1 2 3!" I counted, then we jumped out.


"AAAAAH!!!" Luke, Fane, and Sage screamed like little girls.

"RUN!" I yelled. We dashed towards Brooke's bedroom which is right beside our chamber. We passed our door and went to the nature scened door beside it. We quickly ran in and locked it, then fell on the floor laughing.

"OPEN THE DOOR!" We heard the guys yell. Now it's only me and Fane talking.

"Open the door Jaque!"


"Come on!"

"Not going to happen sweetie!" The girls started giggling.

"Why are you so stubborn!"

"I am stubborn because it is who I am!" I say smartly.

"Would you like a windstorm in that room?" He threatened.

"Would you like your butt burned?" I threaten back. He stayed silent, I can hear Luke and Sage chuckling at my threat.

"Ok, fine, you win!!" He said, defeat in his voice. I opened the door and see a pouty faced Fane. Luke and Sage snickering in the back. I gave them a glare sayin 'I will burn your butts too!' Which made them stop.

I looked back at Fane and gave him a peck on the cheek, the girls doing the same with their guys.

"Remember to pick us up at Brooke's room at six!" I reminded them. Once we turned the corner, we giggled.

"Nice threat!" Brooke commented.

"What can I say, I'm the Warrior of Fire. Might as well use the flames and threat to burn a butt or two!" I say, laughing.

-ten to six-

Lily, Brooke, I are currently in Brooke's room right now. Lily and I decided to get Brooke a dress just like ours but different colour. Her dress is a light shade of purple to go with her magenta eyes. For our hair, I let mine flow down my back, Lily curled hers, and Brooke put her blonde-brown hair in tight curls. We are all excited for the dance, just as we finished getting ready, a knock came on the door.

Brooke opened it and there stood three boys dressed in suits. Their jaws fell open as they saw us in our gowns, we giggled. To snap them out of their trance, we kissed our boys on the cheek.

"Reminds me of our date!" I whispered to Fane.

"Defiantly!" He smirked. I just giggled. Sage and Fane took Lily and I away from Luke and Brooke for a quick second. They each took out a box, Fane had an orange one, while Sage has a green one. Lily and I opened them and stared at the most beautiful necklaces, mine has the fire symbol, while Lily has the earth symbol. I gave Fane a kiss as a thank you, then we returned to Brooke and Luke. The six of us walked to the ballroom to join the party. Earlier, Grandmother Timberwood and Grandmother Green came and told Fane, Lily, Sage, and I that tonight we will do the bonding ceremony. So we can be bound together. We reached the ballroom and started dancing, after about a half an hour. Lily, Fane, Sage, and I stopped, Brooke had found Chamie so she went to talk to her.

I was with my friends by the punch when I noticed a familiar person, I looked closer and I recognized who it was.


"JAQUE!" I ran over and hugged Blaze. The others looked at me weirdly, it's funny.

"Guys, this is my cousin, Blaze Timberwood. Blaze these are my friends, Lily, Sage, an Fane. Fane is also my boyfriend."

"Nice to meet you everyone!" Blaze said friendly. They gave him nods, then their faces went shocked. I looked to where they were looking and I saw three people heading our way. Two girls and one boy.

"LEAH!" Fane yelled and ran to hug the girl.

"SOPHIA!" Lily hugged the other girl.

"SHAWN!" Sage bro hugged the guy.

Blaze and I looked at each other and my friends.

"I'm guessing those are your cousins!" I said in an unsure tone. They all nodded happily.

"Jaque , these are my friends, Leah White, Sophia Green, and Shawn Waters. Guys, this is my cousin, Jaque Timberwood." He introduced.

Lily's P.O.V

I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE SOPHIA!! Also, it's funny that our cousins all know each other. We found out the blaze and Leah are going put, same with Sophia and Shawn. We talked for a bit, then they had to go. Turns out, they are all weaponeers. They are the people who forge our weapons for us. A slow dance came on, Sage and I went to go dance, so did Jaque and Fane.

I put my head on his chest, while his chin is on my head. It is so romantic, luckily I didn't step on his toes. It is almost time for the bonding ceremony. We all stop dancing and we go with our grandparents to a room. We walk into the room and realize it's the stone room from the dream we had with the symbols. We each stood in front our symbols, causing them to glow.

Narrators P.O.V

The sky blows glowed brightly, the walls coming alive with the elements as the four started chanting the spell their grandparents told them.

Fire, air, water, and earth

Fire greedily burning

Air bravely swirling

Water secretly waking

Earth violently quaking

Hear our four voices rise high

Our elements reaching the sky

Hear our minds tonight

So we can be bound right

Feel our souls bonding together

Twining like a feather

Here our sound

For that we are now bound

When they were chanting the bonding spell. Their armour had appeared on their bodies, signifying that they are now, the full-fledged Element Warriors. Once the four stopped, the walls became cold stone again and they had their formal attire again. Fane, Sage, Jaque, and Lily could hear each others heartbeats, feel if any of them are in pain. Their souls have bond together, and no one can break this bond. They all smiled when they came out, they are now bound.

They have been waiting for that for a long time. Now they are! They bid each other a good night and slept a good sleep. The one nice sleep they have had for a long time.

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