Greatest Pain

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I felt Violeta grab my arm as we walked through the door. The light was so bright that I had to slightly shield my eyes. Once we were inside It took awhile for my eyes to adjust to the brightness. as I looked around I saw two people floating in giant tubes filled with a Green liquid. I couldn't see there faces because they were covered by metal helmets. They seemed so familiar but I couldn't quite piece my thoughts together.

Suddenly I heard the voice of that white hooded figure again but this time I didn't see him.

"Let's see how strong you have gotten now shall we. Release Projects Y & U from containment tubes."

Suddenly I saw the Liquid keeping the 2 beings floating in the tubes start to drain out.

"Violeta stay back."

The glass tubes opened up and the two figures stood up. When I looked at them a small red line on there helmets brightened. I saw them start to move towards me and Violeta. I pressed the symbols on my shoulder plates and felt them as they extended over my arms covering like a second skin.

"Subject Y&U." They stood still waiting for there next order almost like robots.

"Kill the silver haired experiment and captured Subject V-Alpha."

Suddenly the two Subjects charged both at me. I felt my eyes move and suddenly they were moving normally. Speed eyes I take it, I thought to myself. I charged at both of them, just as we were about to meet in the middle I saw them about to strike in unison. I caught both of there hands. I felt a great wind pick up from the point where we connected, blowing back my hair and my Cloak. I threw one of them at the wall which left a crack mark in it and seemed to knock her out. The other managed to break my grip. Suddenly I saw her eye change and sparks of lightning serge through her hands creating silver almost white streams of lightning. she charged at me making claws with her fingers. I tried to dodge but was to slow so she slashed my stomach. I looked at it and saw there were burn marks on my stomach. I didn't pay any attention to it. I struck her back kicking her in the stomach as my leg lit on fire with purple flames. She went flying and hit the wall then fell on the floor putting out the flames.

She struggled to get up and I saw my opportunity. I sped towards her running at full speed. Mid-way my hand lit on fire with white flames. As she got up I struck Straight threw her chest my arm emerging from the the back of her.

The force of my hit made the mask she was wearing split in two. I suddenly saw her face and I froze in place as my eyes widen and my mouth opened unable to speak but in shock with my hand still in her chest. She looked up at me and smiled and I instantly knew who she was but couldn't believe it.

I pulled my fist out and caught her and held her as I fell to my knees. This was the last time I held my little sister Yui.

"How..... how are.... you still alive?" I asked her.

"I..... I," she coughed up blood."I don't..... know big... big brother, but.... I'm glad.... to have seen..... you one..... last.... time."

"Don't say that Yui please don't say that." I could feel the tears rushing down my face as I tried to speak.

She reached up and poked my cheek as she smiled one last time then went limp and lifeless.

I didn't want to believe it. I couldn't believe it, but I had to. She was killed by my own hands and I was still holding her body.

Suddenly I heard that mans voice again.

"We found her when we went to go get the bodies, or what was left of them, in the desert you were at. We found her and she was barley alive. So we took her back and she became our new test subject. Such a shame you killed her, she showed so much potential."

You killed her. You killed her. Thoughts words kept echoing in my head, making the pain grow even more and more. I didn't want this. I don't want this.

"Nnoooooo!!!!!!!" I screamed as I looked up. I felt my eyes get distorted and a giant eruption of black flames erupted around me circling my entire body, creating a gust that would blow everything around it. I got up with tears still rushing from my eyes and I felt this emptiness, almost like darkness that start to resonate from my body. It started to collect in my hands, I couldn't help but just throw it. When I threw it and it had landed on something it seemed to consume it. I threw it at the wall and it ate it a way like a fire does to paper. On the other side I saw a lab and slowly walked towards it still crying shaking with anger. When I saw everything I suddenly had flashes of the past and could remember everything. The Tests, me getting these eyes, my mom stealing me from this place and hiding me, my dad taking us to the desert, everything. I couldn't help but feel so much hatred for this place. I threw the darkness and was yelling in pain as I did it. Watching it all be destroyed, watching it all shrivel into nothing. I suddenly heard someone calling my name, but in my current state all I had on my mind was destroying this place.

Suddenly from a elevator I saw people carrying guns run at me and open fire. I instantly knew who they were by what they were wearing. It was "The White Fang," the phonis beings that get what they want by force. As they opened fire on my every bullet was desolated by the darkness around me. I threw the darkness at them and watched them get consumed. I saw some of them start to run away but I sped in front of them like they were moving at a snails pace and I was a panther.

"Where do you think your going?" I said to them in such a creepy voice I didn't even recognize it. "Your not going anywhere but to hell!!!"

Is mashed the ground in front of them and watched as the darkness erupted from where they were standing. I watched as they screamed in agony as there body slowly started to dissipate.

I disintegrated the elevator doors from where they came with the darkness. I stood on top of the elevator because it was on the floor below me. I resonated a circle Of Dust which I used to propel myself upward. I felt the wind ride against my body. My tears still running down my face as I propelled upward. I reached the top and grabbed onto the door and started smashing the door making a giant dent everytime I hit, my anger growing more and more.

The moment the steel doors broke from my hand I was greeted by a barrage of Bullets. I wasn't fazed by it. My anger was to much to even concern myself with it. The darkness was to much that they all just became dust brushing against my body. I shouted a cry of pain and anger and just as I did the darkness spewed from my mouth like fire, consuming the white fang that were shooting at me. I suddenly heard a noise on the roof and I lept up threw every floor of the building ending at the top of the roof.

I saw what looked like a airplane but small, mobile, and fast. I saw thee hire hooded man inside and saw him smile.

"You are our greatest triumph Siad," he said as he was safe out of my reach. "You were created to destroy the humans who would oppose the White Fang. You were made to destroy and nothing more. I look forward to seeing you again Siad." For the first time I saw his eyes and will never forget them.

"If I'm made for destruction," I said in my mind. "Then ill destroy the very building you have built to create us!!!"

I felt all my anger well up inside me and I just unleashed it. It shot up from me in a beam towards the sky. The beam suddenly shot back down and hit me as I got consumed by even more darkness and was looking up as I was struck. I started to float upward carried by the darkness. I was crying but now I was also laughing as I was being consumed. I started floating down and as I did I was looking down still laughing and crying.

As I touched the ground I stopped laughing. Then as I looked forward my eyes erupted in black flames and I started laughing even more. As I was about to smash the building I was standing on I suddenly saw a bullet fly at me but desolated in the darkness.

I looked to where the bullet came from and saw seven figures standing on a building. One of them was holding revolvers. "That one," I thought to myself. "That one was the one that shot at me with that gun. I could use some entertainment before I destroy this building. This is guna be fun." I was still crying and laughing while I thought this. Its time for a new battle.

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