Is This Love?

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We all walked in to the class. there was a kid with sunglasses, a bacca, a kid wearing a batman suit and holding a plant and a sign saying "Basur", a kid with shades, a canadian,

a kid in a green creeper suit with headphones, a blue mudkip, a kid with a blue space suit, a girl with a hat, and a tiger halfbreed girl.

They all picked their seats and sat down. The tiger halfbreed took a seat in the very back. She took dark blue hoodie out of her backpack and out it on.

She put the hood over her hood and pulled the two strings at the end to make it so no one could see her face or even see what or who she was.

She slouched in her seat trying to not be noticed because she was very, very shy. She was new to this country

. Every body in the class had all ready made very many friends even though it was the first day of school but she hasn't. Everyone lined up in the front of the classroom but she didn't she crouched under her desk. Everybody said their names,

"I'm Jerome and I'm Mitch" Said the Canadian and the bacca.

"im Jason, Im Tyler and I'm Adam"

the trio of friends

next were the kid with the sunglasses and the sorcerer

"I'm Ian and I'm seto"

then it was the kid with the plant

"I'm Ryan and this is my plant, basur"

"I'm Jaz"

said the girl with the hat.

The shy tiger halfbreed girl under her desk turned her head to see a shy boy wearing a airplane pilot goggles under his desk next to her. He turned his head and they smiled at each other.

"my name's Dan" wispered the boy " I'm Amber" she whispered back.

Everyone else went back to there seats. Then the bell rang "recess!" everyone screamed then ran outside. Amber sat on the swing and watched everyone have fun. She waited and waited there until the bell finally rang again and she ran inside. It was time to go home.

She grabbed her backpack, her bracelet fell of her wrist. Dan picked it up and gave it to her. "thanks" she said then kissed him on the cheek and ran out the door going home. Dan blushed and just stood there. Then he grabbed his backpack and happily skipped home.

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