Chapter 106

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I'm so shocked to see everyone in the room. Oh my gosh. I'm handed a microphone and pushed onto the stage. The crowd goes wild. "Hey guys! I'm Courtney!" The crowd bursts into screams again. "Ok so I guess I'll tell you a bit about myself. I'm 17, my favorite color is purple, and my twitter is Courtney_Alexis97 so make sure to follow me!" The crowd roars back. "Ok let's get on with the show!" Shawn comes on and performs Life of the Party. And I mouth the lyrics.

"You sing?" Shawn asks.

"Maybe a little." I giggle.

"How about we duet?" He says smiling.

"That'd be amazing." We sing Show You as a duet then One of Those Nights. "Ok guys! Now for Jack and Jack to preform!" The crowd roars louders a than ever. The Jacks preform Coldhearted, Tides, and Wild Life.

That was insane. For the next little bit we dance, laugh, sing, and joke around with the crowd. After the show portion is over we gather in the VIP area for the meet and greet part.

We take pictures with thousands of people and finally we sign merch at the end. Signing all that stuff hurt my wrost, but I wouldn't change a thing.

After the show I head up to my hotel room. "That was great guys!" Matt calls.

"I just love meeting fans!" Cameron yells.

I go into my hotel room and Taylor follows me. "Hey you haven't said much since Cameron got here. Is something wrong?"

I sigh I can't keep it in forever. "Taylor, I still have feelings for Cameron.

His face gets red and he storms out. "Taylor! Taylor!" I call but it's to late he's gone. I close the door, lock it, and crawl into a ball on my bed and cry myself to sleep.

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