periods (part two)

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in continuity:

honestly, periods can be used as an excuse for everything.

"go do your homework."
"no i'm having cramps."

"why are you late?"
"i was helping my friend on her period." (lies.)

it's a versatile excuse if you ask me.

however, why the heck does mother nature feel the need to make us suffer for three days to a week, having to go through the fear of leaking, both when sleeping and in public, suddenly getting it when wearing white, cramps popping up like ads on spotify about spotify premium, and your own personal bloody (quite literally) niagara falls?

like i appreciate the universe reminding me that i'm physically healthy and that i'm not pregnant, but like is the seven days of shedding really that necessary? like i'm no sasquatch i don't need to shed for so long once a month.

and the stress of it not coming! i literally know i haven't had sex but i panic when it isn't here in over a month and wonder if i'm the next virgin mary.

i get the worst end of the deal - i get the whole seven days instead of three. i don't want the whole package! honestly people with no uterus cannot fathom the pain of a period's arrival.

peace out girl scouts,

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