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I would like to take over the glee club says Mr. Shue. Would you like to be the captain of the titanic too says the principal Mr. Figgins? Mr. Shue says I am serious there are kids out there that don't know they have a talent for singing or dancing. They are hiding a talent from everyone out there so can I please. The principal says sure but you owe me for me letting you do this. Well what do you want me to do I will do anything? You do after school detention on Thursday for this week because I have no one to do it on Thursday deal. Deal as long as I get glee club. I decided to make a sign- up sheet and called the glee club the New Directions. I went and hanged up the sheet and then also told the school on the announcements he said good morning William McKinley High School, I have a very special guest Mr. Shue. Good morning I am having a new club called the New Directions, the club is based on glee club if you have a voice for singing or dancing come sign up, and just like Finn Hudson's quote just be you because that is good enough for me so take that and don't worry about your reputation or what your friends think. Thank you have a good day.

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