True Love's Kiss (Sam)

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As you laid in your bed half asleep, and turned over on your back and sighed. You were having a little trouble getting to sleep tonight. You looked over at your door, as Sam walked in. He always came in around this time every night and walked over to you. Sam sat beside you, and leaned down to you.

"hey y/n, you asleep yet?"

"Nope, not yet," you said as you smiled.

"Well go to sleep okay? Good night," Sam said as he gave you a peck on your lips. You smiled as he stood up and walked back out. You smiled to yourself and laid back on your side.

The next morning, you were woken up by Dean shaking you awake. "Y/n. Wake up."

You sat up quickly and looked at Dean. "What? Whats going on?"

"We have a witch on our hands and we need to go now before she strikes again. We already know where she is, just need to gank her so get up so we can go," Dean said as he walked to the door and left.

You got up and packed a small bag just incase, and changed into a pair of blue skinny jeans and a grey t-shirt. You slipped on your boots, and black leather jacket. You slung your bag on your shoulder and walked out to meet the boys in the hall.

The drive wasn't long until Dean pulled off the road and parked by some trees. You got out, and put your gun in the waist band of your pants, and watched as Dean and Sam got prepared. You slipped your hands in your pockets as the three of you walked up a path that lead to the witch's house. The plan was that you were going to go up to the door and as to borrow a phone because you broke down outside and when the witch was off guard, that's when you were gonna take the chance.

When we got to the door, I knocked as Sam and Dean stood behind me.

"Who's there?"

"Hi! My brothers and I broke down on the road and we were wondering if we can borrow your phone," you said as you waited for her to open the door.

She opened the door and invited us in and grabbed her house phone.

"Thank you so much ma'am," I said as I pretend to dial a number.

"Would you guys like something to drink," she asked as she turned into the kitchen.

"No thanks," you said as you held the knife behind your back.

She flicked her hand, and you were sent flying into the wall. "Did you really think that you can fool me?" Sam and Dean walked in and she flung them against the wall as well. "Oh sweetheart, I'm much older than you think." She said as she blew some dust into your face, making you fall asleep.

Dean grabbed his gun and shot the witch, making her fall to the ground. Sam took off running to you, and put his hands on your face.

"Please wake up! Dean help me get her out of here," he said as he picked you up, and Dean went out and brought the car up to the house.

Sam got you in the car and Dean drove back to the bunker. When they got there, Sam carried you inside, and laid you on your bed.

"Is she?"

"No! She is alive! She is just sleeping and she won't wake up."

"I'm gonna go read into this. See what we can do," Dean said as he walked out.

Sam leaned over you and placed his hand on your cheek. "Please come back y/n. Don't leave me," he whispered as he placed a small peck on your lips.

Sam stood up and walked to the door, but stopped when you coughed and woke up. Sam turned around to see you sitting up with your back against the headboard.


"You broke it. The witch, when she did the dust, I was in a dream where it was sleeping beauty and the prince woke her by a true love's kiss."

"So me pecking your lips, it woke you up."

You nodded as Sam came over to you and hugged you tight. You hugged him back, and laid your head on his shoulder. When he pulled away, Sam looked into your eyes and kissed you. Not just a normal peck like usual, this was different. Sam pressed his lips against yours, and your lips moved with his.

"I never told you, but I loved you," Sam said as he pulled away and placed his forehead on yours.

"I love you too Sam," I whispered as I hugged him tight.

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