We walked into the kitchen, the smell of pancakes and bacon drifted threw the air. We sat ourselves down at the table and stabbed a stack of pancakes and dropped them on my plate and scooped up some bacon. Michael's mind was raising with thoughts of our encounter just minutes before. To be fair, so was I. I really enjoyed that, him holding me like i was going to break, like i was made of porcelain and i needed to be handled with care. It made me realize how much i really did like Micheal. which was a lot. A blush crept onto my face as i thought about what had happened between us. Calum stared at me angrily from across the table, chewing his food more then he normaly would. I too started to eat my pancakes, cutting them with my fork.

'Wheres the maple syrup?' i wondered. as if on que, Michael started to pour the sweet syruop all over the stack, it trickling down the sides.

"How did you know?" i asked.

"It's like i read your mind." he whispered ripping a bit off of his bacon strip. I playfully slapped his arm before turning back to my food. We ate our food, all of us having a grand time. All but Calum. He just kinda sat there and poked at his food. We put all our dishes into the dishwasher, since we were all to lazy to wash them by hand. Michaels hand linked with my own as we walked away from the kitchen and into the living room, plopping ourselves onto the couch.

'We're going to continue right?' He asked. 

'Later not now' I thought as if he could hear me. I Ient into him, nodding my head into his shoulder, letting him know that the answer was a defiant yes. 

"Well arent you two just the cuttest couple since courtney and luke." Ashton said as he walked into the room. Luke and Courtney followed him in shortly after, Calum not falling far behind. Calum still didnt look too happy, and i had the feeling i knew why.

'What's wrong cal?' i asked through the link we shared.

'What do you think is wrong Violet? I thought we had a thing?!? and this is what i wake up to? I thought you were better then that. I really did.'  He thought, still mad at me. 

"i still think we're pretty damn cute, eh babe?" Luke asked, squeezing  his girlfriends sides as they sat down. She squiled and giggled as she sat down on the love seat beside him. The guilt of letting down Calum was a little bit too much for me, I needed to get my mind off of it and fast. 

"Why don't we watch a movie or something?" I suggested to the group. Agreement rolled arond the room. Ashton got off his place on the bean-bag chair and started up the X-box while the rest of us descused what movie to watch.  

"OH MY GOSH." Courtney screamed.

"We NEEED to watch Monsters inc." She laughed.We all laughed at her random want to watch it, but in the end we all agreed to it. The netfix logo popped onto the tv screen as Mike got up to grab his remote. He clicked the icon for the movie and the screen went black, before the music of the opening credits started to play. I cuddled into Michael a bit more, almost sitting on top of  him. He rapped his arms around me, making my world go numb. He planted his lips on mine, leaving a soft sweet kiss in its wake. From the corner of my eye I cvould see calum getting off of his Chair and leaving the room. I was sad, but too happy to care. I liked things in this moment, wish i didnt ever  has to leave. But it was only a matter of time before i did.

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