Chapter 1

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Yuri's POV

"Tomorrow is a special day~" I sang.. Special day, because I am turning 17 years old.

"Aish. You look like a kid. You know?" Jessica said.

"Sorry!! Hehehe" I said.

"Geez. Here." She gave me a little box.

"Yahh! What is this?" I asked.

"Just open it" She said. I nod. When I open it I saw a necklace and bracelet. At the necklace, it names SNSD and at the bracelet it says Yuri.

"Wow!! Thank you. I'll wear this tomorrow. It is adorable. Thank You." I said and hugging her.

"Excited huh? Hey. Your mom said that your escort will be your crush." Yoona said. I blush a little.

"Who's crush?" Luhan asked. He just appear any where. Geez thats crazy.

"Ahh. Yuri like Kai. Your friend you know." Sunny said. We nod. I am feeling nervous this is BAD...

"Can I excuse her for a while?" Luhan asked pointing at me. They nod. We go to my room.

Luhan's POV

"Yeah?" Yuri said. Tss. This girl. Hmmmpp? Why do I feel this? I am a little bit jealous.... And.... Happy

"I thought no crush. You said you will marry me! But, why do you like Kai.? You know his my friend!" I said. Tears here, tears there. I cry, she cry.

"Sorry for not telling! I really can't take it! You leave me here! Just for that stupid business! Do you know I feel when you leave me, huh? I feel I am alone! I feel you have another girl!" She said. Oh? Thats why, he like Kai? But I feel my heart broke into hundred pieces. I hug her..

"I am so sorry for leaving you. And, I didn't replace you for another girl." I said hugging her. She stop crying.

Geez. I am really hurt about she said. Hmmmpp?

Yoona's POV

"Guys! Are they okay?" I said. They just look at me.

"I think they're not. I hear shouting and cryinga when I pass through Yuri's room. I think Luhan is jealous." Tiffany said.

"We're going to find out! Fighting!" Seohyun shout.

"Yeah!" We all shout.

'Tsss. Why are they doing that shouting and crying? Are they fighting because of Kai?' I thought.

"Yahhh!!! This is really tiring!!!" Taeyeon shout. Yeah, but when I look around. 0.0 woah!! It is really beautiful like Yuri!!

"Ahjussi! Can we have water? Please?" I said. Ahjussi nod and go back to the kitchen.

We drink our waters and rest for a while.

Tomorrow will be a beautiful day.


Chapter one end

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