It reeks!

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Clarisse’s Pov

I sighed. This is the 50th time I beat Chris in a duel. Then, I heard a cry from my cabin. A cry screaming, “Floating swords!”

You have got to be kidding me.

As I marched to my cabin and kicked open the door, I stood there just to see… floating swords.

Then I heard someone burst into laughter. I glared at everyone in the room, and looked straight into each of their eyes.

Then, I saw a pair of sea green eyes. But they disappeared as soon as they had come.

For all I know, my mind may be going all whack-a-do, but maybe, just maybe, my mind isn’t.

Chris’s Pov

I sighed. This is the 50th time Clarrise had beaten me in a duel. Just then, Conner and Travis started jogging over to me.

“Our cabin stinks,” said Conner.

“It doesn’t stink, we just aren’t very important,” I said.

“No, really, it reeks. Someone put a stink bomb in our cabin, and none of our siblings did it,” said Travis.

“I’ve got to see this for myself. Well, more like smell this for myself,” I said jogging gracefully (not), to my cabin.

It really did reek. I looked around the cabin to find any clues of who bombed the cabin. There, in the corner of the cabin, was a pair of sea green eyes, and jet black hair. It was Percy! He was wearing a really smug look. Then he disappeared, as if he was never there.

I might be hallucinating. I might not be hallucinating. Who knows?

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